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Site Description: Star Volunteer Hotline Community (HTTP://WWW.STARDOMOL.COM/BBS) was founded in October 2005, it is a "star volunteer" game theme of the site, most of the internet search "star volunteer" game information players, have heard the name of this site. At present, the Star Volunteer Hotline Community's website daily expenses by webmaster "Love harmful Health individuals" funding. The site collects a large number of news, Raiders, with the humanities, CG, modifier, archive and other information.

"Star volunteer" series of games by the Taiwan Daewoo Information Company, since the release of the first edition in 1995, has a number of upgraded versions, with countless young fans.

Webmaster profile: "Love is harmful to health", Jiangsu Jiangyin People, now living in Shanghai. Usually look at the star race, write novels, study WordPress plug-ins.

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The following is Love Harmful health Readme: Want is the amateur forum

I used to be in the West Shrine of the star volunteer version of the mix, took over when the moderator, the domestic internet has started to build their own station as webmaster, online star Volunteer Theme Forum also appeared a lot. I just also interested in building a site, built a website, will be collected to enter the information to facilitate the star volunteers to query. Players play games and of course they need to communicate. Rely on the website of the message board naturally not, I naturally also installed the forum. At that time was using the dynamic network program, later, Phpwind announced open source. I find that many people on the internet say it is fast and easy to get started. But because the space does not support PHP, I only envy others. The fall of the previous year, I took advantage of the opportunity to change space, the forum has been converted to the right of Phpwind, at that time was still 5.3.

Since the star Volunteering hotline is a separate theme site for a series of games, its traffic is not very stable. The new game before the release of the six months and after the release of a year, popular. The Forum has a large number of new registered members every day to consult the game situation and questions encountered in the game. At that time, the daily IP maintained at around two thousand or three thousand, PV maintained at twenty thousand or thirty thousand. Once a long time no new games released, the popularity will be like riding the slide, the rapid decline, the day IP fell to 1000, PV is less than 8,000.

Forum managers have now replaced two or three batches, the current site's main management staff is MV, 13 aunt, small opening and so on. MV She is the Beijing Normal University psychology department graduate, she is not only the star volunteer expert, any game question all cannot be difficult to her, moreover she can see through other people's psychology, knows other people's heart to think what, really is good formidable. Many people encounter problems in life, will find her. 13 Aunt She treats people more warmly, in the Medal of Distribution, recycling, moderator appointment and other day-to-day management more adhere to the principle of the development of the forum has unique insights, love music, for other members recommended a large number of music works. Small opening he as a student in Australia, because the usual homework too many reasons, so can not often online. But he is approachable, hot to help people, often sponsored sites to do some award-winning activities.

Community websites are mainly dependent on the stickiness of their members to facilitate their interaction. Managers have to constantly guide new members to play the community, but also to manage the community. I believe that "inaction", rarely interfere with the day-to-day management of moderators, allowing them to do, for the role of moderators there is no rigid provisions, as long as the forum can focus on the development of the need to intervene in the management of the time. After all, everyone online is to relax, leisure. If a small forum, the rules and regulations than the school regulations, the company's regulation and more words, it will not be for everyone at ordinary times to study the role of decompression.

Website operation should be timely, the prevailing

The initial stage of the site, the forum to game discussion area, which is named after the title of the game. Female gamers have more games, general fan works, I also built a fan work area. At that time, the comprehensive discussion area had only water area and plot area. But with the development of the forum, many old members, they can no longer bubble game version, all day bubble water area. There are a variety of topics to discuss in the water area, and all posts unrelated to the game will be sent here. Therefore, some very important posts are easily ignored, sinking to the back, such as looking for songs, Japanese posts, anime posts, computer problems help post. I built a few more editions to guide them on that post if they didn't want their posts to sink quickly in the water area. The restrictions on posting are not very strict, except for malicious advertising stickers and personal attacks and other content will not be deleted.

After these years, the forum has become a lot of old members of the network Spirit home. No matter what problems they encounter, they will post, help or complain. So the original positioning is the Star Volunteer series game as the theme of the forum, to now seems no longer appropriate. Now the forum's positioning should be the Star Volunteer series of gamers ' communities. Star volunteer games may not play a lifetime, but we want to stick to water for a lifetime.

The Star Volunteer Hotline community, although following the PW upgrade to version 7.5, is still the preferred forum mode. One reason is that I have used dedecms to do a portal mode Web site, and if you enable portal mode again, it will be repeated. However, I believe that for those who use top-level domain names for forums, the help will be great. In addition, the circle mode is very good, more suitable for the Star Volunteer Hotline community, the community of old members, can enhance the understanding between old and new members. But all of a sudden the circle mode as the default home page, I fear that we do not adapt. In my opinion, the circle pattern is very suitable for friends and community, school community, such as interpersonal-themed community. Therefore, the website operation, whether the mode, function or content, must find suitable for their own.

Do not expect profits, do not boycott ads

I do this station is purely an interest hobby, do not expect the number of days IP to how much PV to how much. Because I am not a professional webmaster, do not need to rely on the station to survive. But I'm not an idealist, and I don't reject ads. On the contrary, I am very interested in ads like Google AdSense. Less than three months into the building, I put an ad. Of course, because the website traffic is very limited, advertising fee is not much, but enough to maintain the annual investment. In addition to Google Adsense, I have tried, but also tried Ali mother, Baidu theme ads. Ali mom ads Let me regret that it does not support multiple domain names.

On the forum I began to advertise the year before last. However, the forum on advertising should not be too much, and like the window ads I do not put. Putting out these unsightly ads will affect the membership experience. After all, the forum is to rely on repeat customers, often to irrigation is certainly old members, popularity is also dependent on their support. I attach great importance to their opinions. If they think there is more advertising, I will consider removing some ads that affect their mood of irrigation. Now, PW7.5RC out, the ad bit can be added to the template itself, such changes are good. I think it's better to have a setup that shows ads when visitors come from a search engine, or when they first visit. If the old members come, don't show the ads. After all, even if the ads show, they will not click.

Forum members to college students, middle school students mostly, they buy things mainly rely on pocket money. Star Volunteer Game is a Taiwan Daewoo information development Game, each new game on the mainland listed because the approval than the Taiwan side lag a year or two. Mainland agents in the surrounding product development disadvantage, the approval of public relations is very slow. Many players are in Taobao to buy a version of the game. I do not know much about community E-commerce, considering the players are mostly in Taobao shopping factors, I hope PW can strengthen and Taobao cooperation. After the forum can let those who sell games to settle in order to better sell products in the forum, you need to advertise in the forum, this can increase the profit point of the forum. Forum can also cooperate with merchants, together with the development of the Forum's peripheral products, such as a T-shirt such a simple thing, to achieve a win.

The future of the Internet is clear.

Star Volunteer Hotline Forum, the current need to pay attention to the problem may be the gender ratio imbalance bar. Because most of the players who play the star volunteer are women, the active male player in the forum has only five or six of them, with little pity. The future development of the forum is estimated to be how to increase male active players, after all, men and women collocation, work is not tired.

As for the future of the Internet, future applications will be more extensive, and it will be more closely linked to the operating system. Moreover, now the 3G has come, the mobile phone internet tariffs have dropped, mobile internet access to more and more people. There will be a big breakthrough in the number of internet people in China. Regardless of CMS, SNS or community software, whether it is a stand-alone game, web games or online games, multi-platform data unification will be a very important direction. The mobile version of the website will be able to get content, and the PC version of the difference is not much. This, several major portals have done quite well. The game can play not only on the PC, but also on the mobile phone. The game data you play on your phone can be synchronized with your PC. Software, Opera browser has now done the mobile phone, computer bookmarks synchronized.

Speaking of the Internet, we have to mention the next person, Chen Tianqiao. Although I do not like online games, but I personally still appreciate him more. I admire his dream of creating China's Disney. Many of his ideas are advanced, such as free online games, grand boxes and so on. When he bought Sina Short, let people sigh.

Suggestions on improvement of Phpwind

The Star Volunteer Hotline community was replaced by the Phpwind forum in August 2007, with the start of version 5.3, which has now been upgraded to 7.5RC.

Now the online registration machine posting machine is too bad, starting last November, I closed the forum registration, the number of members also stopped in 12800. Anyway, the popularity of the poor, the forum has little impact. However, the national day period is very likely to release a new version of the game, every day a lot of people need to register, then I will only open the part of the registration, followed by the affirmation of the registration machine.

After the 7.5RC release, the forum was upgraded. Members reflect that the forum has become beautiful. The name and introduction of the front section opened the distance, the moderator name also moved to the following introduction. This layout is more reasonable than before.

This time the template has been improved, starting from 7.3, Phpwind has reduced the difficulty of building a template, unified the basic layout of the template. But, Phpwind, the template has to change a lot. In this way, some of the forums with their own templates have a great impact, they may not be bothered to upgrade, because the upgrade will modify the template. I don't care, because I always use the phpwind default style. Now a new style is more simple than before, the background to change the color, on the line. If you work harder, make yourself some pictures.

Now 7.5RC to solve the app application, the current number of poor applications. Phpwind can give a tutorial on application development, allowing some talented plug-in developers to turn to application developers. In addition, the points in the application and the points in the Forum are not interoperable, so it is difficult to arouse the enthusiasm of members, unless there is more fun application. Moreover, the application of the member data is not in the hands of stationmaster, this estimate lets many stationmaster compare hesitate to open application.

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