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Recently, "StarCraft 2" news constantly, senior game industry veteran Knife 99 in Tencent Weibo said, with the Ministry of Culture after the Tribunal 2, I believe that the rest of the examination and approval work is about to be completed. And the earlier media revealed that NetEase has begun the March important product publicity preparations, a few days ago according to netease internal personnel revealed that the relevant preparations have been completed. If NetEase successfully gets the version number, StarCraft 2 will be listed in mainland China in March.  However, the current star 2 fee model has not been finalized, before the news that will use the form of 25 cards. Old DAO 99 speech on Tencent Weibo 2 through the Ministry of Culture approval February 14, there is news that "StarCraft 2" has been approved on January 19, 2011 by the Ministry of Culture, and has in the Ministry of Culture online game content Review Network reporting and progress query system screenshots.  Later, sources say StarCraft 2 will be on the market in the first quarter of 2011. StarCraft 2 's pay model although the launch of StarCraft 2 has not yet been officially announced, but from the online message can be inferred that the Star 2 National service will be within reach, Interstellar 2 of the charge mode has become the most concerned about the problem. As early as December 2010, Blizzard Entertainment and interpret market research company launched a study of the simplified Chinese version of the Star 2 fee method, in the survey clearly marked the simplified Chinese version of StarCraft 2 of the various pricing methods and prices. In the survey, 25 cards, 75 yuan Quarterly, 150 yuan card and 268 yuan retail version, as well as 238-yuan download version of 5 types of voting options. It is not clear what kind of payment model blizzard will eventually choose. (Edit ss)
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