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I haven't written the knowledge of SEO for a long time, come to an article today! This article is about the most basic knowledge, if you are a veteran, you can sweep through Oh, if you are rookie, I believe you will also think of how to learn how to SEO, after all, this and you learn SEO time is not long, it is easy to think of. If you are a novice, you can take a good look, if you are just learned, want to learn, then you have to look good.

Why do you want to write this article today? Because I have not previously learned SEO the most basic knowledge to share out, but because I have a friend, want to learn SEO and promotion. She is learning design, but design work for a just out of school people still have gaps, before she heard of my work, so also want to learn this aspect. So today to borrow blog to say it! In fact, this is not just for her to see, just start SEO brothers and sisters, you can see.

Learning SEO is not a difficult thing, after all, it is not a lot of technical content of knowledge. I am also working on this side of the study. If you're a beginner, of course you don't know much about SEO terms at first. Like: keywords, anchor text, inner chain, outside the chain, tags, traffic, PR, dynamic address, static address, and so on. This is learning SEO must be clear things, if you do not understand, you can not talk about other, so novice seo, first of all to understand these things.

Of course, first of all to understand what SEO is, perhaps just out of the gate of those friends, at first did not understand SEO, this I also, before also don't know. SEO is the search engine optimization, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase the visibility of the site, and then increase the opportunity to sell, we can begin to understand that a keyword ranking to do the search engine in the front. And so understanding of these, you slowly can understand, slowly to find the problem.

After you know this, you need to understand what is the station optimization, outside the station optimization. This is to do SEO optimization is not small, but also the most critical. In-station optimization also includes the above mentioned keywords, what you have mastered is how to use. Outside the station optimization is also outside the chain aspect increase and so on.

This knowledge is only learning the basics of SEO, if you want to learn these, you will not know. Communication is always a good way to learn. To the novice, I do not know where to go to ask these questions, my questions how to let others pay attention to, how to communicate with others. This for the novice, do not know, is also a matter of course, because I also walked over. How do we communicate? I often go to some webmaster class forums, such as webmaster Encyclopedia, Chinaz, A5, outdated, Phpwin, seowhy forum. These platforms are enough for us to learn SEO knowledge. We can Qianshan in the inside, through the questioner's question, may know own insufficiency. There is the most commonly used QQ, you can add some of this QQ group, in which to discuss the discussion.

Learning SEO is not difficult, as long as you take some time to see some knowledge, even if it is an article in this regard, you can learn a lot. Since you choose to learn this, you are interested in this, so you will learn quickly! Of course, learning SEO, but also need to slowly practice, from the practice of understanding, from the practice of summing up experience.

There is no content, but the first contact with SEO people, need to know too much, need time to digest slowly. This article from webmaster Encyclopedia address: author Kedeng beauty webmaster, reprint please keep.

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