Starting from today, we will adjust the shipping cost of the proprietary goods

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February 27 News, yesterday night Jingdong Mall issued a notice said, from today onwards will be the distribution of the freight charges for the adjustment. After adjustment, registered members, bronze members, silver members, gold members to buy proprietary goods 59 Yuan free shipping, diamond members, corporate members to purchase 39 yuan for free shipping, or will be charged 5 yuan freight.

Prior to this, Jing Dong Gold members and the following levels of orders of 39 yuan can be free shipping, diamond, the earliest members of the court can be unlimited free shipping. After this adjustment, all of the small orders under 39 yuan will be added freight.

In addition, all levels of membership of the speed up services require 49 yuan freight.

Jingdong also said that users to purchase the third party in the East Jingdong sellers of goods, according to the seller in the Commodity Details page publicity of the freight standard charge, different sellers store standards vary.

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