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Is the webmaster really dead? I do not know that after this sentence is added a question mark, exclamation marks, period or comma. or the webmaster themselves add it!

Jijun Join rain forest Wind, a webmaster idol also withdrew the ranks of stationmaster, Jijun said: Stationmaster Not dead, just in another way in alive.

Baidu about Jijun Introduction:

Jure everywhere a madman, a 90% webmaster are considered to be a good man of mature men, a will for the family to make a living busy Mr.

Second, the Conference madman Jijun

Three, the Nice Jijun

Iv. the Jijun at home

Five, will make money Jijun

Jijun in the ranks of the webmaster, is more famous, but relative to other webmaster, Wang A5, refused to swim fish im286 and so on. Jijun not a decent site can be commercialized to operate or bring more objective income, Jijun choose rain Forest wind should be a relatively correct choice.

About the stationmaster has died, here is a penetrating analysis

Analysis of the current webmaster classification,

1, full-time webmaster, now full-time stationmaster proportion should be below 50%, as a full-time webmaster has been very difficult, has been unable to adapt to the various living expenses of the society, now do rubbish station, the edge of the ball should occupy a large proportion, and even some people do illegal websites, there are some webmaster can do some corporate website to maintain daily life.

2, the student stationmaster, this piece of proportion should be in 30% or so, students basically out of personal hobby and earn some living expenses, of course, there are some good webmaster, but very little.

3, part-time webmaster, this part should be more, mostly said to work in corporate companies, there are more adequate personal time, out of personal hobbies and make some money ideas.

Due to the national policy at the end of last year's introduction, to the webmaster brought a great blow.

The survival status of stationmaster

From many years ago, some of the full-time webmaster, some sites have been company, pioneering a lot of business, the current day should be more moist, but this part has not been called webmaster, should have been the webmaster. At present, some full-time stations, most of the income is rarely even zero, only a small number of possible days better. Then the domestic employment pressure is larger, many college students have become full-time webmaster after graduation.

Student stationmaster, the reason that chooses stationmaster this profession, one is feeling investment is less, the doorsill is comparatively low, many successful examples give them too many anticipation. But the real now can do a good job of the webmaster is still very few.

The day of the part-time webmaster should be better than some, because there is no big expectations of the site, do a good job can add a piece of income, do not do a good job will not have much impact on life, so the part-time webmaster is better days than some stationmaster.

Every day a part of the webmaster out of the ranks, but also some people to join the ranks of the webmaster.

Shandong Work Network ( webmaster and the majority of webmaster mutual encouragement!

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