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Following the article "Webmaster Sharing: Guide users to consume the site should do so (on)" After a friend contacted me, said the article is very good. First of all, thank you for your support. I always feel that an article represents a person's thought. Sometimes see some excellent article will have "not see its people, first smell its voice" feeling. Well, to get to the bottom of this, go on to share several other factors.

Four, let the user easy to operate: Let the user to operate conveniently actually contains two levels of meaning, one is the usability of the website, this and above mentioned website need to have good navigation some similar, along with the website development more and more perfect, the function is more and more, must "the effective guidance" can guarantee the user efficiency and the website transformation; Another meaning is that the purchase process must be simple and convenient, especially for many shopping malls, the purchase of the need to register to carry out? Do you need unnecessary steps to register? For some display-type sites, if you want to leave the user's contact, then let the customer fill out the form to be as simple as possible, Just leave the email on the line, do not ask the gender, units, telephone, etc., these can be slowly to improve in the future, in short the more simple the better. If the website makes the user operate very complicated, it is likely to cause the user to close the page, not to operate.

Five, the information as far as possible: the information here is not a variety of product information, but the details of each product. When users come to your site to browse through your product, on the description is a potential customer, so, as much as possible to list product information, a number of characters to the user is more than a hint of help, he browsed the longer, the confidence of the product will then increase, then the probability of a deal will be greatly improved. The advantage of the Internet is to be able to show the user enough information, if the user wants to know all aspects of a product in particular, and you are simply trying to write a words, or "please contact us for more information", then many users will not contact you, unless they do not have such products, I don't think the probability is too great. There are a lot of potential consumers on the internet, probably because of your good copy, beautiful pictures or elaborate designs that could make him a real consumer. So, show the information to your potential customers.

Six, good trust: Good Web site must be based on the trust of users, how to let users trust us? such as Taobao, such as large sites show sellers evaluation, users can use these Third-party evaluation system to understand the product, and for us, the lack of authoritative third-party certification, There is no strong proof to convince the client. Therefore, should be timely to packaging themselves, to establish their own authority. For example, pay to the portal station to write Soft Wen, interview, conditional words can do media PR, the "results" are placed in the site's prominent position, so that customers feel our authority. In addition, you can put some homemade video, photos and so on, the real team moved to the Internet, so that users have the most intuitive feelings, so can improve the user's trust. Of course, the trust generated here just for the first time to visit the site's customers, the site wants long-term stable development, good content is kingly. Don't get the customer's affirmative content, even if the user will believe you for the first time, will not believe you the second time.

Here, do a summary: Easy to operate, information as much as possible to show users, build a good trust-this is today to share the three main content, a good site to guide customers, to be their own "momentum", scrupulous development is not bad, But the strategic development is clearly more in line with this highly competitive market. The fierce competition of the internet is not less than the traditional offline industry, so, in addition to pay attention to the internal details of the site "basic skills", but also need some "merit" to complement. Like the optimization of a site, internal links are necessary, but the external link is also the focus, only both inside and outside at the same time, the ranking of the site can be stable in the rise.

OK, today is temporarily here, due to space is limited, there are still the last few points did not share, in the next article will be the rest of the content for everyone to share. This article to here, we have what good idea also welcome and I contact, this article from: Shenzhen website construction, Web site:, also welcome to reprint, reprint please keep the link, thank you!

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