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Many friends said the website Baidu, some Google not included. In fact, the most fundamental reason is that we do not insist. The reason for this is that we don't have any kind of fighting spirit to fight. Why don't you fight with that kind of morale?

If our site simply rely on the article you want to let Baidu, Google to your collection is it? Can you pick someone else? Now we analyze which Baidu does not include what station is what station. Which stands can be said is to adopt the article. Post the station without modification. There is the site of a messy station.

You pick up the article do not modify on the release, Baidu and Google as a fool. If Baidu and Google are fools. What is the man who uses him? Right. So we have to rethink first. The content of our station is not the title and the content of the article is the same as collected. If yes, please revise it before publishing. If you complete this step is not included in you. Which certificate you have not written the article let Baidu and Google fall in love with you. Baidu and Google all like Smart Webmaster Station. Why do you say that? The principle content is many. Can help his search users. summed up.

1. The principle must be

2. Must be modified

3. Just keep on updating every day

4. Make the website neat and orderly

No. 14th My Thank you net or Baidu included 466 pages. I checked 642 today. Because these days I have to write some principles of content to publish. Plus these days I update the content of more than a few more than 10 chapter articles. Updated every day. My station a like in Baidu included in the change is not very big. So like everyone remember above 4 points.

I wish you a lot of web site traffic, included a lot, ranked high article provider: Thank you Network Programmer's Home, Web engineer Learning

Author: Shupeng

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