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At present, the station is in full swing, but at the same time the site farmland thousands. There are so few websites that really come out. Many webmasters are also in the Web site traffic, included, SEO, rankings and other issues to hurt the brain. However, since the decision to be a webmaster, this one of the hardships should have been expected, and the hardships of the road only their own walk to the clearest.

Despite all the ups and downs, the way to go is still to go on. Still need to be confident to plan the flow of the site, included, development direction, theme, how to promote such issues. And all this work is to keep more users.

So no matter how your site is a surprise, the content of the site to attract target customers is always the same way. Retain users, need to spend some thoughts, through some surveys, through their own experience of the site to understand the user's psychological preferences, while the user's needs to update the content of the site. Therefore, in how to attract the attention of users, some Web site planning is essential. For example, award-winning activities, according to current hot topics such as dating planning some offline activities, or holiday planning, or topic survey and so on.

The content of the site is the first, but the content of the site to let the audience know the key, so SEO is certainly essential. Only if the content is approved by the search engine can it be further transferred to the target audience. SEO includes site optimization and external optimization.

How to do in-station optimization? First of all, we need to optimize the search engine matching, such as title, Meta, Alt, and so on, these not only in order to make spiders crawl our site can better extract our website information, and put forward the website information is generally the key words accounted for the majority.

The second is to modify the code, modify the code is to let our web site matching Spider index crawl information, so when spiders crawl to our message to the server will be in the rankings have our position, of course, the code optimization improper, but will backfire, lose rank. So this step needs to be modified from beginning to end, and the keyword is sorted from short to long in title.

In-station optimization also needs a good structure of the website, so that the navigation clear and concise, good update mechanism. At the same time the structure of the site must be tree-structured, and in the main navigation bar more than a few target keywords.

Outside the station optimization, is the chain for the king. Because the search engine spider program, is from a Web site can continue to crawl along the link, in general, more links more sites are given the higher the weight. However, the different PR of the site link to bring the weight is not the same, and high-quality site links to bring the nature is high weight. Therefore, with the same or higher PR value of the site Exchange links, is an important step outside the optimization.

And SEO still have a lot of work to do, hair outside the chain of course indispensable, for the new station, exchange links is not so easy, write soft Wen became a very effective way of hair outside the chain. The soft article promotes the reprint rate, the outside chain also can greatly increase. Alternatively, you can create an external link anchor text for your site by creating 1-3 blogs in other places. At the same time, often in high-quality questions and answers platform and the forum hair outside the chain, improve included, also is one of the good ways.

A good space and domain name, for the site is also essential to the stability and speed of the site, brand awareness of the transmission is indispensable. And the recent domestic well-known IDC business China Connaught Net launched high-quality domain name, space package, for the webmaster promotion lay the cornerstone.

However, all this is for the website traffic, site visibility and user attention. SEO, promotion is the fate of webmaster, this is an endless road. Perhaps many times, find all the efforts to no avail, but stick to it, one day will eventually find that the dark past, always see the dawn.

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