Statistical law modification enters second instance to eliminate the number of official and official figures

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The Nineth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, which is being held in Beijing, was to consider the revised draft of statistical Law on the morning of 23rd, and most of the members of the Standing Committee considered that the revised draft of the statistical law had been more mature after the first instance, and endorsed the Committee's consideration of the amendment. The person who tampered with the data will be held responsible Nanzheng in the Sub-Committee's deliberations, the amendment draft 6th Chapter 37th stipulates that "The local people's governments, the government statistical agencies or the relevant departments and units of the responsible person to modify the statistical data, fabricated false data, by the appointment or dismissal of the organ or the supervision And by the people's Government at or above the county level to inform the statistical institutions. This provision accord with public opinion.  The current changes in statistical data, fabricated false data violations repeatedly banned, this clause on the "digital officer, official out of the number" phenomenon will play a certain restraint and containment role. Shengzu members said that the problem of statistical distortion is very serious, layers of false, level fool, on demand count off, happy, this is not open secret. The serious distortion of statistic content affects the government's credibility and image. It is necessary to guarantee the independence of the system in order to solve the problem. The chief executive of the government should change the data and report the false information, how dare the following people speak? Your hat and your ticket are in his hand, without independence, how can there be anti-interference ability?  Therefore, the independence of the system is not resolved, the authenticity of the content can never be solved. Strict with the new members that, according to the revised draft of the Statistical law 37th, the statistical personnel to tamper with data, and so on, only by the appointment and dismissal authority and the monitoring organ to be punished according to law, rising not to the level of legal liability. The proposal adds a paragraph, "can be held liable for serious breaches of statistical laws".  There has been a lot of use of statistics on the performance of the situation, the proposal to add such a piece, the implementation of the statistical law will play a significant role. Hasbagen in the Sub-Committee, the draft 47th stipulates that "in violation of the provisions of this law, constituting a crime shall be prosecuted for criminal liability."  "What constitutes a crime, how to determine whether the crime is not specified, the proposal is clear in the draft to facilitate the actual implementation of the law and operation." Not a central set, local set of the National People's Congress to attend the group review, Wang June, said the revised draft statistical Law 3rd, the system of statistical systems management, I would like to put forward "vertical management."  This can reduce the artificial influence of local governments at all levels on the authenticity of statistical data to some extent. Zhou Jianwei, a member of the Financial Committee of the NPC who sits in the group review, thinks that there are many statistical problems and the authenticity of some data is indeed questionable. The data between the provinces and municipalities to see the relationship between their relative data and data can be seen. How should this problem be solved? I advocate unifying leadership from top to bottom. The Central Statistical Department has been to the county, has been unified, not the central set of investigation teams, local set of investigation teams, this system is not smooth. Not a central set, a place set, both repeated and fighting. In the local statistics, there are always a variety of abnormal thingsIn the interference, because to speak the performance, with the number of heroes. Chen Jun said that the authenticity of statistical data depends on the quality of the statisticians ' business, on the one hand, on the independence of statistics.
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