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Domain name: A few days ago, Mediav company in Beijing released the first domestic for independent business data analysis products-aggregation analysis, and announced the enabling domain name There are insiders said that can and with the double spell also only, it seems that there is no good business domain name, are embarrassed to greet people.

According to the head of the aggregation analysis, this is a business data analysis system for enterprises with independent platform, the product positioning for the enterprise to solve E-commerce site Operation analysis Optimization, marketing effectiveness promotion and assessment of data needs. Through to the website traffic, the user behavior and so on the analysis, helps the electric business enterprise to optimize its website operation.

At present, the domestic more well-known statistical platform has CNZZ, quantum constant road statistics, Baidu Statistics, 51, etc., in the use of domain names have their own characteristics. Compared with the old statistical platform, the MEDIAV enabled the more modest, but the domain name in the overall exposure to commercial value is high, with great investment potential.

Love network according to WHOIS query, found registered in February 17, 2002, domain name information on November 29, 2011 had a change, and other related mainstream suffix are registered. of which and have been used to build stations, it is noteworthy that was used in the Guangdong Provincial Institute of testing and Analysis of the official online.

Milou revealed that's original owner of the domestic domain name investors, in October last year, the domain name in a domestic platform for auction. According to this clue and the change time of the domain name can be judged, the domain name is probably at that time was Mediav company auction proceeds, and the relevant data show that the domain name at the time of the knot price of 49000 yuan.


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