Stefanie Sun "Shi said heart language" MV exposure of the whole scene without fear of the cold

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The seaside wind blows the 零下7度 to shoot the MV rain to shoot the MV Woods to set the table Sina Entertainment news Stefanie Sun 11th album "It is Time" will be released on March 8 all over Asia, fans are looking forward to after four years of the new MV "World said Heart language" also the day before yesterday (February 23) in the media strong broadcast, in line with the lyrics mood of the MV content, Netizen message said "good Move!" The mood is great!  "MV by everyone love, finally is not in vain Stefanie Sun, hard to go up the sea, suffering from the wind and rain, the original February 10 arrived in Taiwan at that time, just met the cold snap, the next day early morning four o'clock to get up to comb, plus in line with the vast artistic conception of the song, take the First march to eight in the seaside, the filming process of rain fell non-stop, the wind constantly blowing, wearing light and thin yarn spring Stefanie Sun faintly dew legs, dew shoulders, the wind and rain is really shaking to no, in order to reduce the short filming time, Birja four different cameras in each angle shooting, so that Stefanie sun all expression action just do it once  , but there is still a scene in the woods leaves Qi of the picture let her have bitter can't say, the day of Strong wind, the director and sprinkle a lot of withered leaves to create atmosphere, the leaves fly so much so that Stefanie Sun's face constantly hit by leaves, toss a long time to fix this lens. After filming in eight, the evening arrived at Yangming Mountain to shoot, and after dark, the mountainous area seemed to be in straight, down to seven degrees, in this place for three hours of Stefanie Sun, cold to both feet did not feel, Stefanie Sun wrapped in a blanket said: "From the morning Five o ' clock out to the outside in the rain all day, I was cold to the goose bumps long ago, And the legs are completely numb. "Because the temperature is so low, whenever the director calls the card, all the staff were swarming around Stefanie Sun, draped in her body for warmth, from woolen scarves, blankets, lazy blankets, thick quilts, thick coats for a full four or five laps, the record company also prepared a hot kettle, warm bag, electric stove and the embrace of the stove to help Stefanie Sun, Although the cold tools ready to be very complete, but still against the cold weather, Stefanie Sun still shivering, shouting: "This is the second cold in my life Ah ~" After nearly 20 hours of wind biting, MV finally in the cold to the poles of the bamboo lake to complete filming, because the weather is too cold, leading to eat in the Bento has already digested the light, Hungry she returned to the city on the way to the town, delicious to eat the hot intestine bag, a long day of hard filming to gourmet as ending, Stefanie Sun appears in good mood, straight call delicious, said: "I love to eat snacks, Taiwan snacks delicious." "And then blew up and said:" This morning I eat meat noodles, because makeup when I do not know why suddenly want to eat. These days also ate a lot of Taiwanese snacks, such as stinky tofu, salty crispy chicken ... It's delicious.  After the MV film, director Birja moved Stefanie Sun four years of efforts to adhere to, so very receptive to the idea of Stefanie Sun, so Stefanie Sun specially into the editing room with the director modified, in the splicing room sat for six hours, each screen almost repeated discussion. Stefanie Sun joins Rolling Stone movement/Wonderful music and"It is Time" album released press conference will be held in Beijing on March 1.
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