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& ">nbsp; The novice constructs the station The example tutorial, has been hands-on teaches you! Make a website must be divided into four steps: The application of domain names, application of virtual host, the production of Web pages, website promotion!

1, the application domain name: The best use of COM, there is no net bar, CN now no one to note;

2, the application of virtual Host: The General current site 100m-1000m is almost, now choose a dual-line host, more appropriate, because it is netcom Telecom dual IP access, regardless of telecommunications or netcom online, access will be relatively fast!

The way to save money, is to the domain name, the virtual host to buy together, like this company Zhuo Tian Network Http:// offers a website discount package, it is more than you separate buy price benefits a lot.

3, the production of Web pages

Want to learn to do the site or have a foundation of friends, choose Dreamweaver,frontpage and other special software to make the site will not do the friend how to do it, here for the novice to push a more appropriate software, build station box, also this is my previous time in order to do the company's website found, In fact, I am not very understanding of the site construction of this piece, but by building a station box, as long as the word can be used to make a beautiful website! If you choose the above introduction of the Zhuo Tian network set up the station package can be free to get this software!

Build Station box Ebox is the virtual host value-added services, gift product site, including thousands of exquisite site templates, hundreds of Web site features, web site Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese version, English version of the support, with product release system, news system, membership system, voting system, advertising system, recruitment system and other dynamic function modules , the page is arbitrarily added. The use of a powerful management platform, a light mouse can immediately produce fine web site, not only the cycle is greatly shortened, and does not require additional technology and cost input, can be synchronized to share their product technology upgrades and functional improvements, greatly reduce the cost of users own web site.

4, Website promotion:

Free Website Promotion login entrance: Http:// Good, I am also a novice to come, have what experience everybody exchanges together, temporarily say so much.

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