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Plot, betrayal, deception, revival, the scientific and technological world is full of these movie plot, these plots are also the main melody of the comic book, today PC for 8 science and technology giants produced a cartoon image, see these well-known giants and you are familiar with the cartoon characters are similar?

1. Steve Jobs

In the aftermath of the pain from Apple's downfall, Jobs had a radical change, a magician of the "reality-distorting force field" (Reality distortion field), a tyrant perfectionist who seemed to have magical powers and thousands of people fascinated by him.

2. Bill Gates

Gates, like Iron Man, has gained huge fortunes from his pioneering operating system and "> Office software market." Like Iron Man, he was not interested in the title of the rich, and decided to do justice in his own way, providing large amounts of aid to poor countries such as Africa.

3. Torvalds

Torvalds Fight for truth and justice, like Superman. As the head of Linux, he built many tools not only for the openness and freedom of computers, but also for the creation of open source alliances.

4. Eda Loff

As the world's first programmer, what modern man has done is to step on her shoulder. She studied analytical Engine as early as 1800S. She is like a friendly machine elf, for people to create the most needed things.

5. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has no powers, neither Titanic nor able to fly. But the database he owns contains all the chats you have with your friends. This database contains your strengths, weaknesses, and secrets, which he calls "Facebook."

6. Larry Page and Sergey

The goal of two Google founders is to get people around the world to quell the war and eliminate inequality under Google's banner. They always do what they want, and the ability to operate the weather (cloud computing). Behind it, there is an invincible Army-android robot!

7. Ballmer

Zune, Vista is not Ballmer's fault, he is in his place, before that, he has been on the CES center stage on the Roar: developers, developers!.

8. Bartz

Bartz is trying to revive Yahoo, but the way it has been managed has been criticized. Nor can she stop Google and Facebook from eating into Yahoo's business.

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