Still playing display ads? Out! The first film-type advertising comes out!

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When the traditional "> Display ads" Low click rate to let advertisers shake their heads, dodge car launched the first in history " Film-type ads (Filmstrip ads) are expected to spark a follow-up trend in the advertising industry. The new form of advertising, developed by Microsoft, is an interactive way to combine multiple banner ads, and Microsoft has also filmed films to show you exactly what film ads are:

In fact, film advertising can be said to be a traditional banner advertising "extended version", but the ads can still be displayed in the standard window. Users can use the mouse or finger to drag ads down on a personal or tablet computer to see more ads.

Microsoft believes that film-type advertising can lead consumers into so-called "purchase funnel", from cognitive brand to building brand loyalty. Dodge's ads, for example, are pieced together by five banner ads to show consumers the product and safety features of the Dodger car.

At present, GM and T will consider this type of advertising, when only one of 1000 netizens will click on the display of ads, perhaps the emergence of film-type advertising will bring a new opportunity for online advertising.

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