Stock prices quickly pulled up more than 10% after the start of trading on the afternoon's microblog.

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It is understood that Weibo has issued a total of 16.8 million U.S. Depository Shares (ADS), priced at $17/ads. Each ADS represents 1 shares of microblog shares. Microblog ads began trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market on April 17, with the code WB. Goldman Sachs Group (Asia) and Swiss Credit Securities (USA) are the joint underwriter of the IPO.

This is the fifth year since Sina launched its microblog business in 2009, with Weibo listing the first listed company in the domestic social media field, which was officially renamed Weibo at the end of March this year.

2009 Sina launched a micro-blog beta, triggering China's internet industry, "micro-bo Hot", at most when more than 10 internet companies launched micro-blogging products. After nearly 4 years of intense competition, Sina Weibo's user size, activity and revenue has been in the absolute leading position.

As of March this year, the microblogging month active user 143.8 million, day active user 66.6 million, is the most active social media in China. Weibo has more than 80,000 government agencies and officials of Weibo accounts, 70多万个 personal certification account and 40多万家 enterprise certification account, in the government, enterprises, celebrity celebrities and ordinary users play an important role in the interaction. On the commercialization side, Sina Weibo operating profit reached 3 million U.S. dollars in the fourth quarter of 2013, becoming China's first profitable social media platform. In the first quarter of this year, micro-blog overall revenue reached 67.5 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 160.6%.

The successful landing of Nasdaq has not only proved the unique value of Weibo, but will also further strengthen Weibo's leadership in social media. Mr. Chao, chairman of Weibo, said Weibo will continue to be the user experience as the core, further enhance the mobile end and PC end of the use of experience, so that users can be more fluent and convenient access and sharing of information, while micro-blog will be in mobile internet advertising, E-commerce, mobile payment and other aspects of exploration, to create a social marketing ecosystem.

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