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know the Stock song funds online or because old bank treasure Friendship Link. Because of the old Bank treasure box of trust, I believe the links in the site are also very professional stock Advisory website. Out of curiosity about the name, I lit up the song money online. Home intuitive detail of the chart to make people see a bright, really a professional stock funds data site.

the name of the song should be inspired by the world's first search engine Google it. Believe that this webmaster must be to do their own website like Google, become the most powerful stock funds data search engine. I wonder how Google would feel about this name? guge This domain name is also easy to remember, if the future webmaster do not want to do this site, but also can sell the domain name to Google, may be able to make a fortune.

The flow of
Capital is a barometer of the stock market, which represents the boom of a stock market. It is a well-known common sense that the stock market will fall into a slump without a good run of funds. Therefore, the majority of shareholders understand the flow of stock capital is very important. Stock Song funds online provides detailed data on the flow of stocks. The inflow and outflow are graphically detailed and intuitive, even more detailed than some large stock advisory sites. The major sections of the site are also very specialized. What attracts me most is the intelligent stock selection, which allows users to save a lot of valuable time by adding various conditions and sifting through the stocks they need.

Why does the
website pick up the name of the share song? I believe that people who have visited the stock song will understand the secret. Stock song funds online to do a share of funds to query the professional Web site, to the stock of funds to do inquiries like Google as convenient and fast should be webmaster biggest wish it. When we login to the site and complete a simple registration, in the top search box, enter the name or code of the stock you want to query, you can query the stock of all the money flow and all aspects of the details. Whether the day or the past two months, can be quickly queried. To the shareholders brought great convenience.

And the other major feature of the stock song funds online is the monitoring and analysis of large funds. When you enter a large fund monitoring analysis in the search engine, the first web site is the stock song money online. It provides investors with the analysis of macro-capital flow of the whole stock market. Including the flow of funds between the various plates. When you understand this information, you can promptly and accurately judge the stock market, and adjust the investment plan to avoid capital hold-up.

last week, my friend told me that I had a few stocks in my hand for a long time, so I was ready to cut the meat. So I told him not to rush, then recommended him on the stock song funds online After understanding the various funds movement, he made the accurate judgment to the market, did not sell his stock. As a result, several stocks have been trading this week. The friend also said happily to me, thanks to the stock song money online, he was able to solve the set. Will always be concerned about this site.

look happy friend, think oneself again is not because the stock song money online, just saved a few stocks in hand. I really appreciate the stock song money online, it is the heart of retail investors for the spirit of retail service is also worth learning from other similar websites!
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