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The strategy and theoretical framework to make a successful line cellphone game Yong Hot Cool Network CEO since 2008, the hot cool five years after several transformations, is now a percent Hundred mobile gaming companies. The earliest we did social games, the best time to do internationalization, in the United States, Japan, South Korea has done particularly well. Then back to the Tencent market to do social games and moderate games, and now start to do mobile games. Hot cool Not all games are done, we only do mild games and moderate games. Every transformation of hot cool is very fast, to today on the intelligent machine already has more than 8 million active users. We are able to achieve a certain result in every industry and every stage, because we have a particularly important methodology inside, the thinking system and tools to do anything. In mobile gaming, for example, we understand that mobile gaming is subverting the gaming industry and the online entertainment industry in three ways. With these three aspects, we can find many ways to conquer the market. The first is technology, we have all kinds of multi-touch, such as gravitational induction, this is the technology, followed by the channel, whether the micro-letter, or 360, whether the application of the mall, or GooglePlay, these are different channels, they have the industry subversion is very thorough; third, the user's use habits. We see two very important changes on the phone, one is fragmented and the user's time is cut into pieces. The other is off-line, there is a mobile phone we call any time online, anytime networking. As long as you conquer these three points, you will be able to create a universal game on the phone, especially casual games, to create a universal entertainment. In the concrete method, we adopt the PS model. This is our internal evaluation model, as well as the model that guides our development. The model is 10 points in total. If a product can evaluate to 6 points, as long as a little effort in the market, can have a pass line, do 3 million to 5 million. This is also the survival line for a team. 4 of these 6 points are what traditional gamers are best at, they are best at making fine art, physics engines are better than everyone else, they are good at balancing numbers, but in our system it only accounts for 4 points. On this basis, we also have interaction and socialization, mobile phones should always attach importance to offline interaction. The reason why hot cool found some regularity on the phone is that we have been doing social games before, so we are very fond of socialization. In addition to the emotional, this is the top of the pyramid, this is the most difficult to do. We believe that to create a universal game, if you can not allow users to integrate into the product, the product can not be integrated into the user's life and feelings, this is not successful. Mobile games Follow the 37 rule, the original product design accounted for 30%, later operations accounted for 70%. Platform CompanyCan participate in the latter 70%. But early product design, is to let a product from "0" go to "1" of the necessary process. With the product design, operation will be 10 times times, 20 times times to gradually enlarge. Whether in the time of the end of the tour, or the time of the page, even when the app, we attach great importance to channel operations and product operations. There is also an operation, we may not pay attention to, that is, three-dimensional marketing. It is a comprehensive, higher-level product run. In addition to product operations and channel operations, three-dimensional marketing is more core, we are in the mobile gaming industry far beyond all the domestic counterparts, such as "Looking for your Sister", in addition to product design, we do marketing, but also to do the active marketing, but also across the border and the recent very hot movie "to youth" cooperation. Such cross-border co-operation, I think, is a trend in the future. This kind of trans-border marketing is also used in the "Famous name". Finally, internationalization. Hot cool is very focused on China, Japan, Korea market. Hope and more colleagues to cooperate in depth, together to China's mobile phone game to achieve monopoly market status.
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