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Now the medical Profession website promotion is the competition is intense, we also know that the medical industry is very lucrative, can be said to be a windfall industry, especially such as plastic surgery, gynecology, male, infertility and other departments are so, then how to promote their own hospital products is very important, and now the Internet Information Age, Website marketing is particularly important. I have been engaged in the medical profession for some time, the following talk about their own medical profession some feeling experience. The medical profession one marketing promotion method mainly has several aspects:

I. Bidding

From the whole bidding can be seen, more than 70% of Baidu pay promotion from the medical industry, visible medical industry in China occupies an important role in the Internet. Because the various hospitals do Baidu bidding, after all Baidu bidding is also Baidu home, the Chinese also out of Baidu, so Baidu bid promotion is also the hospital to do promotion preferred.

And in the medical industry fierce competition, through the natural ranking is not easy to row to the home page, then the effect of Baidu auction is more intuitive, which is also a lot of bosses want to see the effect;

Of course, do the bidding or with the SEO to do, so save some, put some popular not easy to do on the bidding, easy to do on the natural optimization, so that the site rankings are also very good.

Ii. selected Key

The medical profession keyword also is more, how chooses the optimized keyword?

You can use some analytical tools, such as: word-chasing assistants, according to the key words can be related to the long tail keyword, and the degree of difficulty, record down, choose those who are not very intense and not too cold, so easy to do, but also can lead to other words on the website, the following figure, the word plastic as an example of the derivation of some words, Of course, there are some other functions on the left, you can also study.

Many companies want to do the Hot keyword home, this is really everyone wants to, but these hot keyword is too popular, many enterprises are fighting this bridge, you will be good analysis of their own site has that strength, and may need to spend more energy and financial manpower, so worth it? Maybe other long tail words are higher than this conversion rate, Almost 80 of the conversion is from the long tail word, then why not?

Third, the user experience

1, the site loading speed, a good server and concise code can make your site in the loading speed has more advantages; First, a website user, if the speed is very fast, then he is willing to browse other pages, to see their favorite content.

2, the site's visual experience, good user experience can be very good to retain users, so that he can stop the eye, natural conversion rate is also relatively high

3, the website knowledge reading and reprint convenient, the navigation bar and the search box function cannot be underestimated. A simple and convenient navigation allows users to easily find the information they want, but also a good site.

4, a website interactive, the analogy question and answer channel, the Forum, the on-line consultation. In particular, the medical industry, consulting users are most of your potential users, seize these potential users, that is, the list of the deal problem, and the proceeds can also be linked directly.

In short, the user experience of the site, to be more close to the user's habits, from the convenience of users, so that users feel convenient, benefits, but also willing to stay on this site. So it's important to say the user experience.

Iv. Content

The website of course is "content is king", own a website rich content when very important, if the user enters the website, if does not have one content the support, does not have the thing which he wants, then also cannot keep him.

1. Content to be more complete. For example, a gynecological hospital, gynecological inflammation of this disease, then the introduction of gynecological inflammation, treatment, methods, diagnosis, cases, and so on, so when the user from the word gynecological inflammation comes in with browsing other related pages.

2. Links within the page are also necessary. Of course, a page inside the chain is also very necessary, so the spider crawling in, you can grab a few pages, site search is very important.

3. The article carries on the false original. Of course, the original article is not possible, but must also be modified, that is, can be false original, the head and tail change, under the title modified, which is also conducive to inclusion, to promote the website is very helpful.

V. Data analysis

An analysis of competitor data and its own data is important.

The so-called enemy can win, every day to their own web site search, outside the chain, traffic and other statistical analysis is necessary, of course, a concern for competitors, learning their good optimization methods, can greatly improve efficiency.

Through their own web site data query can also be seen, their biggest opponent is who, tracking attention to it, and look at its website content, classification information, analysis of why it in front, learn from its good method, is also a good way.

Six, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu FAQ, Soso questions and Answers

We all know, Baidu search inside, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know that there will be a very good ranking, so through Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know is a very good way to promote, and then soso questions and answers, Tianya questions and answers are often used, and these promotional methods can be done, every day to do a few, adhere to do, will be effective.

Microblogging marketing

Now Micro Bo This is also very hot, spread the speed of a promotion way, many enterprises also involved in micro-blog, and fans tens of thousands, do a good job, the main is Sina and Tencent two platforms, after all, active degree is relatively high. Such a later event can be a good promotion through micro-blog.

VIII. Activities

In order to attract customers, the medical profession will often do some prize-winning activities. For example: Plastic surgery will be invited to some well-known experts in the limited days to sit in the hospital, but also a series of preferential policies for the usual planning to do plastic surgery customers are also a great attraction.

There is soon to the dragon, infertility can start the Dragon Baby plan, but also a preferential activities, the use of holiday activities has always been a business practice, and indeed it has been tried.

Of course, many industries are starting from the above several aspects, in short, to seize the user's psychological characteristics, as close as possible to the user, so that they are willing to pay, then the enterprise's purpose is reached, so marketing means is successful.

Probably also share to here, an industry marketing promotion work is many considerations, comprehensive utilization, find a good method skill, also can improve a lot of efficiency, also can let enterprise rapid and high-speed development. (Zengsha)

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