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This article will discuss how to do a good job of a website, as well as improve the number of Web site traffic strategy, etc., for the general webmaster Reference.

1th Chapter. Objective

+ Increase the amount of site visits is a long-term job.

+ Increase the amount of site traffic required for a specific audience.

+ Improve website traffic needs to be improved without pause.

In order to deepen the understanding of this article, I take the website as an example and to cnzz free statistics to elaborate.

2nd Chapter. Assess the current number of visits

(a) We must assess the current number of visits to the month, week, day, hour, comprehensive access statistics, comprehensive ranking analysis.

1, the current number of visits

2, the general monthly access statistics data

3, General hour access statistics data

4. General data of comprehensive access statistics

(1) Browser usage statistics

(2) Operating system usage statistics

(3) Recent visitor routing statistics

(4) Comprehensive ranking

(ii) Flow analysis

Through months, weeks, and days, we can clearly analyze which months of the year, in which days of the week, in which time of day the visit is larger, for these visits, we can update the site, upload to do the corresponding cloth, such as through the monthly total number of visits to the site statistics can be seen: 七、八、九月份 visit a large, The second half of the visit is much higher than the first half, the reason is that students graduate, internship in the second half, they through this period on the site to find work. The site can be in the second half of the year for Students for the revision of the target, such as through the site's weekly visit statistics can be seen: Saturday Sunday, a small number of visits, and Monday to Friday the average number of visits, if the contact hours to visit the statistics, 9:00 to 18:00 the largest number of visits 19:00 to 23:00 of the traffic next, we may draw the following guesses: Visitors use the work time on the site, evening students on the site is more common, such as through comprehensive statistics, visitors use IE accounted for 96.99% of the total, the site in the interface compatibility can be mainly considered IE , such as through the recent visitors to the statistics can be known, visitors are more frequent, daytime direct access to this site, ...

Typically, a site's traffic is made up of two parts, one for fixed visitors and the other for new visitors. Fixed visitors are the site traffic fixed increase in the guarantee, and new visitors are site traffic at any time to increase the guarantee. In general, the source of a fixed visitor is the "favorites", where the visitor marks your site for the next visit. And the new visitors will come from all over the network, most likely is: 1, other sites (163169) of the connection, 2, in search engines (Yahoo, Sohu) search. In short, consider where your visitors come from, and you can determine whether your promotional strategies are successful.

In the past, to know the distribution of their own site is an impossible thing, and with the introduction of free services, so that we can always understand the site visit. At present, the two major domestic flow analysis site NetEase and TOPCN can provide related services, but because of the different settings, so that two sites in the analysis of the same site, the results vary very far from the situation. Therefore, when we choose such services in China, it is best to apply for a similar foreign service, so that the result is relatively correct.

The Traffic analysis service allows us to determine how visitors find your site, and why other visitors do not find your site. For example, when we log the site to the search engine, through the analysis did not find visitors from there, then you have to determine whether your site successfully listed in the Search engine directory. If it is found, then we can register again.

The above analysis allows us to make a scientific assessment of the number of visitors to this site, the audience, so that we can clearly understand who is visiting our site, how much time, where, and through what channels to visit. Through these traffic analysis is our first step to improve the amount of web site visits, we must not omit the first step!

3rd chapter. Strategies for Increasing traffic

This is the focus of every site, but also the most difficult to solve the problem. To solve this problem requires experience, but also to try! At every moment in the world, countless web operators are trying to make efforts to try, but very regrettable, the failure of the case accounted for the vast majority! Because people always walk in front of us, their success may be accidental, but more is they keep practicing any idea. Even if you fail, some experience will accumulate. Success sometimes comes from those experiences, so we might as well try to do some discussion.

(i) Improvement of the current website

The design of the homepage requires some technology, and more is the understanding of the entire Internet, even if we put a lot of energy, it does not necessarily have the same degree of return. So we have to try to transform the existing site, make it more attractive-I prefer to call it "adhesion", and this is the key to improve traffic, bad site, no one will like. So when we decide to make our website more sticky, that is, we have to carefully and continuously transform the site. Note: This is a persistent, not lax, long-term work.

To make your site a brand before, such as the following 6 questions must not be ambiguous:

+ What is the location of your site?

+ Who should be the visitor to your website?

+ What will visitors leave on your website?

+ What does your site want visitors to get?

+ What's on your website that will make visitors come again?

+ What on your website will make visitors stay?

Please consider the above questions carefully.

What is the location of your site?

Brand Strategy

This question only you can answer, if you have not thought about the brand strategy in this aspect of the problem, then your site's future is really difficult to optimistic.

Business positioning:

The website engages in the exchange of talents on the Internet. But the need to emphasize is: the site to do based on Zhuhai's largest online talent exchange market, your site must be like the site such an accurate, unambiguous positioning.

Target Customer:

A successful commercial website, it will certainly value its own business profit point: What to Profit? --to put it simply, who is able to provide revenue to your site? This is a core issue. At present, the reason why investors value a website is two points: first, you can make money now, or you can make money in the future! These two main points reflect what we are talking about "the business model of the website business". Based on this understanding, we consider the current two forms of E-commerce popular: Business and business-to-business. You can choose from the actual situation.

One thing to explain: when your site has a large number of registered users, there will be a lot of business opportunities-Commercial opportunities! Registered users will become your bargaining chip with business partners! I believe that investors are concerned about the registration of users must be based on such a reason.

Now let's consider an important question: those people should be visitors to your site. Based on the current data analysis of access statistics and the location of the site, we draw up the following table:

Category Target Customer customer profile

The "Customer feature" is a refinement of the language to describe the specific characteristics of the customer, such as "revisit."

We think it's not too hard to get people to visit your site, but the problem is that it's not easy to get people to visit your site again. So what we have to think about is what's going on on your website that will make visitors come again. Updates per minute? Or is the content unique? or personalization strategy? or set up a camp to fall "household" strategy? Or more things that we can't even think about? Here are some lessons to learn:

1. Beautiful and pleasing interface

Perhaps some people have to say that the content is the most important, beautiful or not in the second. Sounds good, but it's a big mistake!! If your site is a search engine, or a portal, or a news site, perhaps the interface does not need to be beautiful, such as the people to Yahoo, their goal is to pass the "door" to go to another place quickly, they do not stay in Yahoo; but other types of websites, it creates a virtual society, We want to come to the people to stay, all come to "settled"-namely: Camping! So your hall must be beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, it is very important to understand the concept of "door" and "household".

We will try to design the page using the latest web technology. Although content is the key to the site, but there is no pleasing visual enjoyment, will make visitors have a boring feeling.

2, at any time to update, easy to find

Can your site prepare 100 or 1000 messages per day? Can you do an average of 1 messages per minute during the 8-hour peak hours of the internet? If you can, congratulations, your visit is not high enough to do. But there's still a lot of potential to dig. Don't be content with what you've achieved, or you'll be left behind by your competitors at all times, and we need to stay in better shape all the time.

Easy to find--provide full-text search! When our content is too high, we have to consider another problem: to find convenience! If you have not done the information lookup function, please do it now, if you have already done it, please review it to see if it can be improved.

3, personalized information is the most valuable content

For the content of the site, I believe that different visitors will have different sensitivity, and the most valuable must be able to meet the needs of visitors information-that is, personalized information is the most valuable content meaning.

At present, the network personalization information is realized by the powerful filtering and filtering function of the computer. Getting information on the Web is easy, so if your site can provide valuable information on a regular basis, it will be more attractive to visitors.

4, the website fast

If your site is to become a No.1, then speed will be the most ultimately to face a problem.

5. Interactive content

More and more visitors want to have interactive content, they do not want to just look, also want to move on your site to add something. So, add a BBS or chat room, these will improve the flow of the site.

Summary: The transformation of the site is to improve the number of site visits the most critical step, there is no good interaction effect to visitors, what to do is in vain.

(ii) registration to search engines

Registering a site with a search engine is something everyone will do, but no one really knows if it works. In my experience, even if we register the site in the search engine, also can not significantly improve the site traffic, the possible opportunity is: when there are 10,000 of searches, search your site and enter the opportunity is only likely to be 1 times, more likely to have no chance, I did not exaggerate. Instead of simply telling the search engine where I am, we need to learn about registration techniques.

There are two types of search engines, one for manual registration, Yahoo for the other, and one for automatic registration, which is the most current type. Manual registration, is relying on people to enter the site data into the database, its advantage is that the directory will be clear. Relatively little content, but the chance of being searched will increase. and automatic registration of the site, the content is very rich, but in this way, the search will not be related to the site also search out. These two sites, for us, can be used, but to know some skills.

Here, I want to propose is, if your website is Chinese, it is best to register to Chinese search engine (such as: Sohu, Chinese baudu, NetEase, Sina Because this opportunity to be found can increase a lot, and the Chinese search engine site. The most important, some people may find Yahoo Chinese a little unsatisfactory, but because its brand deeply rooted, so many visitors. And it currently contains not rich content, so that when we successfully registered the site to Yahoo, the opportunity to be found more than other sites. But there is one thing we should pay attention to, in registering the site, we must pay attention to the Keyword keyword screening and scrutiny, this should have enough attention.

As mentioned above, a search site may contain a lot of content. In this way, when we search for a site, we will search out thousands, and more sites have been buried in the back. Here are some lessons to be noted: the likelihood of being clicked is higher only when the top 10 search results are in place. So how to improve their site's rank has become the key to whether the successful registration, because even if we register to a search site, but is ranked in the back, then the effect is too far. This situation appears more in the automatically registered site. To improve the location of the site is worth studying the problem, and the network has also appeared for the site to upgrade the rank of service, of course, there is a price, but we have to remember that the first can only have one.

(1) Use of meta

The purpose of a META tag is to provide information about an HTML document that does not appear on a Web page. There are a lot of web page makers who pay little attention to this label, because even if you delete it, it doesn't affect the appearance of the page. The most important role of Meta is to provide search engine description keywords for this site. Simply put, when a search platform robot searches your site, it first checks the keywords that the meta describes, and then adds the keywords to the database. So using a good meta tag will increase your chances of being searched in search engines.

The use of META tags is this:

Metaname= Keywords content= keyword, keyword, keyword

In content, you can list as many hot keywords as you can, even if you don't include them on your Web page. Although this approach feels a bit "deceptive", it is reassuring that we are just deceiving robots. So feel free to add the hottest keywords, like Clinton. Here's another tip: we can repeat a keyword so that we can improve our site's ranking, such as

Metaname= Keywords content= Stock,stock,stock,stock

But now that the new search engines are no longer focused on meta tags, they may have found the deception, so the bots are just scanning your Web page and taking the words that appear most as keywords, or the words at the top of the page as keywords, so meta loses its role. In fact, there is no problem, we have more ways to "deceive" the robot.

Because most of the current search engine will scan your entire page, so we can put the Hot keyword on the page, so that everyone can see the keyword, of course, including the robot. We have to try to hide the keyword in the Web page, very simple, the keyword and the background color to be consistent.

There's a better way: Make a Web page, put all the keywords we know on this page, and put it on as much as you want, because this page is just for the robot. We can use both of these methods to set the keyword. Remember, we also have to do a link to connect to your site, and this is the best way to do it because we can provide the most complete, best, hottest keyword in the robot as much as possible, and this page is not seen by anyone.

(2) Advertising Exchange

The ad Exchange is used by many websites, but even if the ads are used, no more visitors are brought in. Why is that?

First, let's look at the first kind of ad exchange, that is, between individuals, which is currently the most ad exchange. Many personal sites Exchange logos, and it's easy to set up a connection. But unfortunately, some connections do not play a role, so many personal sites put forward a number of conditions, first, the amount of traffic is quite; second, home exchange. It is clear that this approach is right. To the author's experience, when with a personal site Exchange connection, the other side of my logo put a link to a page, rather than the homepage, very strange, Friendship link that page contains many other Exchange logo, as I expected, not a visitor from there. So, after a few days, I put forward the above two conditions, the effect is indeed good.

Then there is the so-called commercial advertising exchange, there are many places to provide this service, domestic, foreign, the exchange of rules is very simple, on the surface is very fair, I do not have more skills to you, just to remind you, choose a hottest advertising exchange, this is a very simple technique, but no one attention.

Get a reward

Some organizations offer us some opportunity to get a certain reward, some order is determined, first, second, and the participants want to be in the first place, this will increase the exposure, and this is very consistent with the site's propaganda strategy, so that more people know you, get a good reward will give you more opportunities, site visits or anything else.

For rewards, the rewards of large organizations, more appealing because they give you more exposure, perhaps in newspapers, magazines, or on television, and we all have to fight for it, even if you don't have the ability to get first, but there's always a chance for you to be there.

And for the network, we tend to participate in the activities related to the network, such as Web production competition, network knowledge competition, although this activity is not a lot, but as long as there is, you have to participate, even if it feels a bit difficult, but as long as done, always a little harvest.

5 Experience

There are more experience, and they only need simple practice, can produce effect, try it.

(1) The use of e-mail signatures, every day we have to communicate with other people, such as BBS or email, here we have to use the signature, we can join the site address, and the mail program will automatically convert to the link, so, the recipient will be easy to connect to your site

(2) Mailing list, there are many mailing lists can participate, you can participate in a list of popular mailing, then try to post your discussion, and when your discussion is adapted to other people, you can start promoting your personal homepage, and everyone in the mailing list can see your message, including your URL. Remember, don't start by saying where your site is.

(3) Print out the site address, in all the external media should be marked this URL. Because the traditional media propaganda in the current situation is still the most propaganda effect.

(4) A newsgroup is a bit like a mailing list, but a newsgroup is more space-covered than a mailing list, and you just need to make yourself more appealing, and your URLs will be accessed at the same time.

(5) Build online reputation, when we advertise in any place, always remember to tell each other: what I can get. So when someone visits a website, it's like we say, not a set of things, and even if we can get someone to do it again, there's no guarantee that they'll visit again. So the credibility of the network is very important, with the site characteristics of the promotional strategy, rather than exaggerated.

The most effective way-dripping full of bottles!

To increase the number of visits to the site, the most effective way is: the site at the same time, do not miss every promotional opportunity! We all know that even a drop of water can fill a bottle!

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