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Another bomb thrown.

Recently, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television recently issued a circular calling on cable television network companies to vigorously launch the TVOS1.0 (Intelligent Television Operating System) scale application trial and request that terminals such as smart TV set-top boxes, purchased or integrated, be purchased or integrated, Do not install other operating systems except TVOS.

Associated with the Press, Publication, Administration of Radio, Film and Television, a series of recent moves, "This is the signal to continue to strengthen supervision of the TV screen." One from the set-top box business commented, but he also believes that due to technology development too fast, too rigid regulatory approach May not be valid

TVOS stage

It is understood that TVOS1.0 software is the NGB (Next Generation Broadcasting Network) intelligent television operating system developed by the joint research institute of academy of industry, academia and research led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences of SARFT, which was organized and released on December 26, 2013 .

TVOS1.0 acceptance is completed more than six months, began to move in the market. In late June, Wang Xiaojie, director of the Science and Technology Department of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, disclosed at a seminar that TVOS1.0 has been officially released. She introduced the system, in particular, proposed two characteristics: First, an increase of information security module to enhance user information security; the second is to achieve the TV terminal from the content to the application of "manageable and controllable."

Wang Xiaojie's public position caused by the parties attention to TVOS. However, people from all walks of life at the time believed that the broadcasting and TV system would not take the strong push, otherwise it would cause a strong rally and hinder innovation. However, we did not expect that soon the Administration issued a stiff paper requiring all cable television network TV set-top boxes must use TVOS.

TVOS products have not been verified by the market, unspeakable. There is a view that TVOS1.0 appearance is conducive to the improvement of industry standards, is conducive to the long-term development of the industry. There are also points of view that TVOS is good for regulating the current market of television set-top boxes. At the same time, from the perspective of information security, TVOS's official background also has a slight advantage.

However, the SARFT's coercive order does lead to a booze in the market. Regardless of the TVOS itself, the mandatory approach first leads to emotional dissonance. Insiders told the "China Business" reporter, there are a series of operating system optimization, but also supporting the application development is not an easy task for manufacturers.

In addition, this time the coercive order does not point to Internet TV set-top boxes. The industry believes that due to cable set-top boxes are limited, may give millet, music and other network set-top boxes to bring a great market opportunity.

Tighten step by step

Recently a series of measures by the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Film and Television have exactly tightened the signal of television screen regulation.

In mid-June, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Broadcasting and Television issued a circular calling for the immediate closure of illegal video software download channels in Internet TV terminal products. It is reported that the "closing letter" sent to Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Press, Broadcasting and Television, Shanghai Culture, Radio, Film and Television Authority two units. Among them, Zhejiang was criticized for being named "Lynx Magic Box", which once contained videos such as APP Ai Qi Yi, Sohu Video, Poly Video Cat, and Rabbit Video. Shanghai was criticized for being "Little Red Internet Television Set-top box "contains Youku and other video APP. This provision will make the Internet video content can not be freely across the screen to the TV screen, and this feature is the Internet most set-top box to attract consumers point.

Although this time only China Digital and BesTV were criticized, but the network set-top box download has become a common phenomenon in the industry, many manufacturers are waiting to see whether the Bureau will have more stringent regulatory tools.

Recently, Luo Jianhui, director of the Network Audio-Visual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, again explained the regulatory policy of Internet TV at the 3rd China Internet Conference. He said that Internet TV Integration Business licenses will no longer be issued and content service licenses Provincial radio and television institutions normal application. That is, there will be no further increase in the number of existing seven licensees with content. In other words, all future smart TV, Internet TV content you want to link, must be with the seven licensees. This open approach will also be more conducive to content regulation. Shows that the purpose of the Directorate is very clear, regulate the content, strengthen the platform for the control of broadcast. Whether the future of video sites or set-top box companies, will be highly dependent on the seven licensee side, and seven license side and all are internal radio and television enterprises.

Tighten step by step, the Administration closed the set-top box download channel, stop the content providers to continue licensing, and then mandatory system-wide implementation of TVOS, shows that the Administration is from all angles to strengthen the supervision of the TV screen content. Internet companies have begun to participate in the competition in the television screen to new technologies, new applications, new content, television resources are continuously enriched. When the rapid expansion of television content, rather than the last few dozen, hundreds of television stations when the content is not controllable indeed there are some hidden dangers. However, these tough shots, attracted a strong rebound in business and consumers. At the moment of integration and innovation, the supervision of the SAIC may also have more innovation than the simple and crude "one-size-fits-all" approach.

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