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Recently, a "teacher of violence" flash games quickly jumped red online. In this game, more than 10 kinds of violent methods are provided to beat the teacher.  Thus led to parents, teachers worry, anger class game should not let children play, became the focus of controversy. Student: Play small game very snort game website is this kind of introduction this game: "Small pots friends attention, the real evil game comes!" You must have been so fed up with your long-winded teacher. If you want to beat your teacher, try this game now! The game offers 10 forms of violence that allow you to abuse your teacher. "The scene of the game is the teacher's office, students are being lectured by the teacher, at this point, the player can choose more than 10 items in the Office, click, students will use their beat teacher, until the teacher is dying, students to carry the bag away." Many students who have played games say that it is snort.  There are also players said, and parents, teachers have contradictions, will think of playing this game. Parents: Angry and worried about parents Ms. Li believes that if children are attracted to violent games on the internet, most of them are because their children are dissatisfied with their inner grievances and don't find the right outlet. "With the child more communication, let him put dissatisfaction and irritability, is in the decompression for the child." Ms. Li said, the teacher educates the student the starting point is to let the child grow up better, but the parent's role should be lets the child understand the teacher, "when the child can understand teacher's education is for him good, naturally does not use the violent network game to vent the emotion." "There are also parents who believe that no matter what the game manufacturer for the purpose of making such a game should not be." Children's awareness of society is not complete, if the long-term through such a way to vent, may form a distorted outlook on life and world view. There is also the possibility to imitate the bloody scene in the game, and thus embark on the road of crime.  Hope these Games website can completely delete these game, don't let children all bad. Experts: The understanding of students in education more tolerant of the Chinese Institute of Education, the President of the XI ' an Institute of Education, said Xu Jianguo, now the students because of the test scores pressure, always in a impetuous psychological state, and teachers are more use of student scores to determine whether the child is a top student.  All these causes the teacher-student relationship to be alienated or even opposite. But in the family education, the parents to the child's two tendencies are very serious, one is the indulgence, the accommodation, the concession, but the other kind is the reprimand, the nagging, abandons.  These two kinds of education methods lead to children in the school before they have a variety of extreme psychological problems. Xu Jianguo said that parents should often communicate with their children, talk, timely guidance of children's unhealthy psychology.  Teachers should also give students more understanding, more tolerance and patience. For the "Violence teacher" this game, netizens also put forward their own views. Some people think that the vent-type games can play, as long as the parents reasonable guidance can be.  There are also netizens think that such a small game should be deleted, because there are abetting crime suspected. YouWhat do you think about it? Please express your opinion in the comments--net friend 1: Now the student pressure is big, play the game to vent vent is actually nothing.  As long as parents can do a good job in communication and education, to help children adjust their mentality, reasonable vent can be. User 2: To the child to have a tolerant heart, who can ensure that the teacher for each child is fair treatment? There must be children because of this or that reason, and have a more extreme mentality, so timely let them vent out in fact very good. If they keep their dissatisfaction in their hearts, sooner or later there will be problems. Foreign schools do not have a student decompression room, so that students randomly punching sandbags to ease the pressure.  So, there is nothing wrong with the need for psychological consolation in playing games. NET Friend 3: Play the game to relieve the pressure can, but, through the violent game to alleviate the pressure can not. The child's outlook on life and world outlook is still growing in a process, if the long-term affected by this violent game, will produce personality distortion, will think that the game of violence is reasonable existence, so will guide the young people on the road of crime.  Therefore, I firmly oppose the use of violent game decompression. NET friend 4: Are unscrupulous game site out of the gimmick. Carefully look at which game screen, you will find in the lower left corner in English labeled "Don ' Twhackyourteacher (don't beat your teacher)", but the site does not give a corresponding explanation, but just keep preaching how to abuse the teacher, how can how to snort. The real punishment should be the unscrupulous websites. (Digging the shell net)
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