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The user is very stupid, the user is very lazy, the user does not want to move the brain at all, the user does not have the figure in 5 seconds to know how to do they will completely give up ...

Most of the articles on internet interaction design say so, and I often have deep doubts about it.

On the Internet, a product is popular, often not because it is easy to use, but because others are using it. In my opinion, QQ is the most difficult to use software in the world. A new user, how does he know to download a software first? Where do I download it? How do I know which software to install after downloading? How to know to apply for a QQ number? How to use this QQ number to find and add friends? How do I start chatting with my friends? How do I know that the next login does not need to reapply a new QQ number, do not have to add friends again? So I believe that if a user can use QQ smoothly, there is no difficulty he can not overcome.

Everyone has two of the best teachers, one called interest, one called need. Han Hanquai Car as a professional driver, not because the car is easy to open, but because of interest. When your family is sick, you become half a doctor, not because medicine is easy to learn, but because you need it. It's hard to make a huge robot out of Lego bricks, but interest makes it easy. Your iphone cracked brick, you look through the online tutorials, finally let it back to the dead, it is necessary to make it no longer difficult. With the interest and need of these two teachers, there is no such thing as stupid users and bad designs.

Alipay said: Because of trust, so simple. It's a lie. Alipay is the world's second most difficult product, you are so stupid people, can finally complete payment, not because of trust, but because of need.

Liangning said, QQ space products do too bad, she to Tencent's several high-level complained about most of the night. Yes, QQ space is the world's third most difficult to use products, but this does not prevent the QQ zone is the country's largest number of users, most active, the most lucrative online personal spaces.

In fact, the internet in China is basically designed for young people under 30 years of age, which is related to the of Chinese Internet "> user composition." In such an environment to do products, in fact, is a very happy thing, because your users are the most curious, the best to learn, the most like to try, the least stereotypes, the most adventurous group of people. The difficulty is not to get them to understand, but to make them interested, or feel the need. They are not stupid.

There are really stupid users, that is, those who do not have the awareness of technology, energy, memory and learning ability has become worse, wearing reading glasses still can't see the text on the screen of the elderly. They are really stupid users because these bizarre it gadgets weren't designed for them from the start. So, wood remote taught his mother to use Google Reader, and drew a marvel. If an ordinary retired woman can use Google Reader fluently, do you have the nerve to say you can't learn?

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