Su Ning Chairman Jindong: The main force of electricity business should be the store merchant

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Suning Chairman Jindong Today in the spring deployment meeting said that the future of "> Retail enterprises, not only online, not only online, must be the line under the perfect fusion, There is no line on the line, there is a line to have a better line.

Jindong said that after three years of network operators, Su Ning summed up the two point conclusion: first, the main force of E-commerce should be the shop, and not the electricity business, regardless of the store or the electricity business, the essence of retail profit depends on the localization of the operation and services; second, the development of E-commerce by the retail enterprises themselves leading, Instead of being dominated by electric business service providers, electronic commerce is the real economy is not a virtual economy, the virtual economy leading real economy will inevitably lead to bubble economy.

He said that in the past three years, from the shop to the electricity dealer, Suning explores its own technology retail road; In the new year, Suning will contribute to the spring of China's retail industry and do the retail service under the line. "Shop + electricity quotient + retail service provider, this is the Chinese retail business model that Suning wants to advocate." Over the next three days, the group will be fully deployed around the cloud business model, from organizational structure, annual planning, business strategy, and staffing. ”

"Suning two entrepreneurship began in 1999, the 2003 chain development into the fast lane; The new decade of Suning began in 2009, 2013, from the accumulation of internal experience, or the conditions of the external environment, will lead to the development of suning new decade in this year into the fast lane. "Jindong said.

It is reported that Su Ning will announce the 2013 work deployment on February 21.

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