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Two days ago, I saw a commentary on mobile internet articles, one of which is quite agree, that is, smart machine typing the mishap, too inconvenient. This morning when the car suddenly thought of this topic, a little thought, to share with you.

With what to make up for this mishap? Use the software, or, specifically, the input method. The intelligent input method will be developed to a few first letters, the first five digits, or even the first three digits, you will be able to appear the user needs of the phrase. This can make up to a large extent the lack of smart machine typing. But how do we do that? But think there are two points: a fine differentiation, the finer the conditions, the less likely the outcome of an event, sufficient conditions, the result of an event may only have one, so that may be a bit abstract, but in the following article in detail to explain to you; There is enough data to support the analysis of user behavior, it is easier to let the input method "Guess" the user's typing intention, that is, let our input method more intelligent.

Some reader may see above said will feel seems a little general, or even a little coincidence, but below to give you analyze why I have so said. Speaking of this condition subdivision, but I have to mention today has a saying: Search engine subdivision. This, alas, is one of the supporters. Why the search engine segmentation and Input Method condition subdivision combine together? Very simple, but to say, is to combine the two, together to analyze the user's intention, for example, suppose our search engine can be subdivided to a certain extent, such as a user, want in an unfamiliar city (such as Jinan) Find a special hotel, users through the narrow differentiation of search engines (such as Hotel search), "JNTSFD", search engine first provided to the input method information is that the user is looking for the hotel, and not other information, so "FD" is not the corresponding "landlord" "negative" and other words, but "hotel", The information that combines the user's location (via a map) is Jinan, so "JN" to a large extent, the corresponding is Jinan, this is a "TS" need input method to consider, compared to consider a whole paragraph of the phrase to be a lot simpler, especially with the upper and lower related language, "TS" The corresponding features are easily judged. Through the subdivision of the search engine, and want to combine the input method to obtain the conditions of the subdivision will be more and more accurate, so I think, the search engine fine differentiation, is the general trend, is also able to ensure that the input method is an important condition of intelligence.

2nd, we have this large data analysis, or the above example, how can we Stay "TS" to the maximum extent possible to pass to the user "characteristics" rather than other words? This is the time to analyze user behavior, as long as 11545.html "> We have enough data, For example, some of the user's previous input records, users like some characteristics of things, in the past, when typing, search, may involve this information, from the user's habits, as long as there is enough data support, we can get the phrase, the more accurate. Of course, large data analysis is not so simple user habits analysis, we can be a little more, we will users of some of the search behavior, some input method habits to collect, classify, and then classify the population, determine the user is which type of users, Then through this type of user favorite some of the input habits or search habits, with the user's previous input and search habits, we can anticipate the user may be interested in advance information, then the user input a new thing, search for a new thing, the accuracy of a phrase to meet the needs of users, Even the user has not finished the acronym required for the entire phrase, has obtained the user needs of the phrase, such input method intelligent, want to be in front of the user, is really intelligent.

In the analysis of the method, the fine differentiation and intelligence of search, with the input method of fine differentiation and intelligence, and then through the open interface, with some other applications (such as maps), to a large extent, to provide users with the most needed information, to a large extent, and even if there is enough data support, It is not impossible for the machine to type the mishap to ease the user's blindness. Of course, the analysis of large data, the first to have large data, this large data, the most important source, or browser. Baidu has an advantage in search, 360 in the browser has a great advantage, and Sogou's cut-in point is really input method, of course, Baidu is now doing browser, we can also go to trial, when it is for Baidu to collect user data to make contributions, haha (in fact, no matter what browser, are in the collection of user data, this, The industry has accepted that it is not a secret. China's Internet market, there are several friends, it seems to have a big war, who can laugh at the lake, who will go to the decline, who laughs last, or very interesting topic, we can also pay more attention.

The above is how to mobile internet a little immature conjecture, welcome everyone to testify. The rapid changes in the Internet, analysis of the era, seize the pulse of the Times, is every internet people need to do the work, in this, but with everyone.

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