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Last year when Iceland was hit by a financial cold, believe that quotations on the website on the popular such a word: "I believe that we can open Fabia to Iceland, copied their nest, when happy ' island Lord '", did not think, easy to do island owners, is really can be achieved: Hamilton Island when the island master. The most unlike advertising ads, behind the quite successful tourist attractions marketing, "> Australia, Queensland recently launched the" most ideal job in the world Interactive campaign, why so viral and influential, should have two reasons:

One: Life meets its time. In the face of the world financial tsunami, all over the world, a wave of layoffs and wage cuts people began to pay attention to what is "golden" this matter, throw out "the world's most ideal job" This topic, itself is quite eyeball benefit, who do not want to have a piece of money to live less still can enjoy the work?

Second: the temptation is huge. First of all, the work environment is very comfortable, workplace Great Barrier Reef is a world-famous resort, each year to receive about 2 million visitors from all over the world, the work content is also very challenging and stimulating, the work includes: clean fish pond, feeding fishes, send and receive letters, weekly blog post and upload photos, videos, To share the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the occasional media interview, a parade of other islands in the Great Barrier Reef waters; The position is very strong: Hamilton Island, Australia as the island owner; working conditions are also good: not only provide luxurious accommodation, but also provide the necessary equipment for work, including: computers, networks, digital cameras, and cameras, The working hours are also very flexible; the most important thing, of course, is that the salary is quite generous: the contract period is 6 months and a total of 150,000 Australian dollars is paid.

Third: strong participation. First, there is a wide range of recruitment, there are no hard to set obstacles: Regardless of age, men and women, no relevant work experience, as long as 18 years old, good English communication skills, love nature, can swim, the courage to try new things; second, the application procedures are not cumbersome, as long as the sincerity, the first step: the production of a short period of 60 seconds in English, Explain why you are the best person for the job. Step two: Online fill in the application form, and upload self introduction short film to

Viral Source: The English short film and the recruitment of promotional short films are quickly disseminated by netizens, and the world's most cattle work will also be a considerable period of time to become blogs and forum topics. Others may question the authenticity of this work, and the message is that there are regular channels:, and faq:

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