"Subway surfing" update Christmas edition new role and skateboard

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"Subway surfing" has always been a small part of the ipad, one of the necessary games, as a hot running cool game, small series has always thought that his game-playing and screen production than the outside world more optimistic about the "Temple run." Before the small series has been "subway surfing" in the 30-level task content into the article for everyone's reference (Details click: "Subway Surfing" level 1-30 task content and strategy), if in a barrier to live or just start to contact this game friends can refer to. After the last Halloween version, this time "subway surfing" again to win the version of Christmas, the game chasing the player's annoying uncle from a similar monster Shrek ugly into a fat Santa Claus, trains and tunnels all decorated with a thick Christmas breath. The "Subway Surfing" Christmas edition is not only that, the update also added a female owner, that is a Christmas dress of the elf tricky~ "subway surfing" new role in addition to the new role to attract people, in the game our favorite skateboard also carried out a large-scale update, different colors and styles of skateboards joined in, But every price is very expensive, still need to earn more gold coins AH ~ "Subway surfing" new skateboard but although "subway surfing" in the props and characters are very rich, small series also found that the trial in the ad slightly increased, in addition to the beginning will recommend a new tour of their own company, the middle of the game will also be interspersed with one or two small game ads, Very annoying.
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