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now many users to our consulting: Every login Yahoo! search engine, is clearly in accordance with its prompts the correct submission, can eventually still not be included. And why? Below we will show you how to successfully log on to the Yahoo! website, as well as the tips to log on to the Yahoo! website.


how to Login to Yahoo! website?

1. Determine the query keyword, to tile as an example.

2. Determine to submit the correct URL for registration in the corresponding directory in the Yahoo! website.
Business and economy--company--construction--floor, wall and ceiling--tile
Region--Country and region--Chinese mainland--provincial administrative district--Fujian province--commercial--construction--Ceramic tile

3. The registration work is more cumbersome, but please be patient to the following several questions:
(1) from the Yahoo Chinese home page to find the most specific suitable page.
(2) When registering, pay attention to the content of the page, not necessarily the homepage.
(3) Before submitting to check whether there is a dead link in the page.
How to login can be successfully included in Yahoo website?

Login to Yahoo site has been a lot of webmaster headaches. It is common for webmaster to submit a site for a few weeks or even months without any reply from Yahoo. March 1999 Yahoo unveiled solution: Yahoo Business Express (Yahoo BUSINESS Express). Yahoo Business Express services for paid services, the price of 299 U.S. dollars/times, within seven working days for the possibility to board Yahoo to make a clear answer. Yahoo Business Express exactly what kind of implementation principles, how to log in your site can be Yahoo included it?
1. Your website must be beautifully designed and has no broken links.
(1) Do not try to use too many images to avoid too long download time
(2) First explain your business.
(3) Most importantly, do not have any "under construction" page.

2. Your site must have unique content.
If you sell insurance or gift baskets online, how can you create unique content? The answer is innovation, is to provide a mailing list, or to provide the relevant website resources to supplement your information or to provide a chance to receive prizes, you need to provide special content to differentiate other sites.

3. Your website must be suitable for a certain directory on Yahoo.
Yahoo spent a lot of manpower and resources to organize the catalogue, and considered to be the most perfect in the world, usually the site was rejected because the marketing staff did not seriously look for a suitable directory.

4. Some words commonly used in the Internet do not use, such as homepage,www,web,webpage ...

5. Do not have to consider the grammar, some prepositions such as the,of,that,is,to .... You can use it.

6. Do not use the enterprise name as the key word. Because when users query, often do not know your business or product name.

7. For the commercial site registration do not add sentimental keywords. Users will not type "the best service hotel" to decide whether to stay at any hotel, he may type "no-smoking hotel (No smoking)", so that he found it easier to find his own satisfaction, rather than the list of the merchant's self-styled

8. Professional and strong site, do not use the word not professional words. Some of the site's professionalism is strong it is also for the industry, the industry commonly used words or abbreviations as a keyword is to improve the effective query method.

9. Attention should be paid to foreign idioms. To translate the Chinese into English stiffly, which does not attach to their language habits, this "keyword" submitted, no one will use.

10. If your site is a commercial site, be sure to select a business and economic subdirectory.

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