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A few days ago in A5 wrote a successful operation of the Web site three key elements of the positioning, access to the webmaster friend criticism, but in order to let this series continue to write, I was in the mood to write a successful operation of the three elements of the second part of the product chapter. The author thinks, the product here does not refer to a kind of product, but an abstract product, it is closely related with the positioning. Positioning is the basis for shaping the Web site products, and the product is the specific implementation of site positioning.

So how to create a successful website by positioning the site products? This requires a combination of RUP based software engineering ideas to create Web products. This product at this time can use the website construction and content creation substitution, in fact is a complete system engineering. Website construction is the skeleton of the product, and the content is the muscle of the product. The following is an analysis of how to give RUP software engineering a site-compliant website product.

One: The skeleton of the building site into a use case

When the site's positioning is clear, such as to build an industry site, then need to give this industry site to build a skeleton. May now many stationmaster likes to buy the construction station procedure, through the mouse to build the station program to be able to complete the website construction, looks can save the website construction time, but is very unfavorable to the website optimization and the future brand operation. So want to build the site for a long time, you need to build an original website structure, so that you can better access to Baidu's favor.

or the industry website for example, in this case, you need to combine industry channels to build use cases, through these use cases in combination with a complete Web site architecture, these use cases need to combine product positioning thinking, such as automotive industry site, will need to provide car users with car repair, car quotes, car evaluation and exchange interaction and other columns, Through this column set to be able to better reflect the location of the site. In fact, these different channels is the site construction process of use cases.

Second: Choose the structure of the website product

This architecture mainly includes two parts, one is the space of the website, the other is the design framework of the website, in the space aspect mainly manifests in the server quality stability, the broadband speed as well as the security and so on many aspects, simultaneously also needs according to the website localization to the website space carries on the choice, For example, localization of domestic users natural selection domestic and Hong Kong's space is good, if the record can be successfully obtained, it is still domestic. Another is the web design framework, in general, the need to use a three-tier architecture, which is conducive to users to quickly locate the content of the site, but also to help improve the site's SEO optimization.

Third: Enrich the content with the iteration and increment of the use case

When the site channel settings are complete, through a series of programming design, the site into the space, this time the most important thing is to write the content of the site, where many webmaster will be opportunistic, because the content is an easy to say easy, said difficult will be difficult to work, if through the locomotive to collect, Then one night the site will be plump up, but if through original and high-quality false original, then the site content construction will be very difficult.

At this time you can use the iterative way to realize the content of the update and rich, according to the new website optimization principle, the original need to write original to enrich the content of the site, until the site is included and have a ranking, and then need to create some of the appropriate high-quality pseudo original, which can further reduce the content But also to ensure the quality of the site. Finally, until the common false original and high-quality false original and original content increment mode, so that the content of the site is constantly rich process, the quality of the site is also rising.

The above is the author of the website Product Project construction analysis, with the idea of software engineering, so that Web site products can be high-quality response site positioning needs, and through the standardization of construction and detail of the design, so that the Web site products look more exquisite, while the original structure and content more easily let the site products to get search engine's favor, So as to provide a solid foundation for the good operation of the website in the future. This article is registered by Yunnan Company

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