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The 2013 Spring Festival holiday is over, I gave myself the next year set a goal: starting from today's Countdown, 3721.html ">2014 year before the Spring festival, I want to earn the OM."

Before I started my new business with fanfare, I felt the need to pour cold water on myself because I knew that if I wanted to achieve my goals, I would have to be honest and correct the mistakes I made over the past 3 years on my entrepreneurial path. I hope that my summary and reflection of mistakes can not only make me more sober, but also can benefit and warn others walking on the road of entrepreneurship.

Mistake one: passion > Reason

I have been to some countries, have contacted some people, have seen some of the world, and it is these experiences that I am always too confident of my own judgment. Whenever I see a new thing or thing, I always feel extremely excited and think I found a gold mine. Then, without thinking, he began to work on this matter, and when he spent a lot of time and energy, it was often disappointed to find that the gold mine had been dug almost.

I admit that I am a person with entrepreneurial passion in my bones, but I have to admit that I am a person who has no entrepreneurial sense. So then no matter what I do any more projects or things, I will be rational treatment, in the development of relevant things before the relevant research and investigation work.

Finding an empty gold mine can be a loss, but it is much better than spending energy and money on empty gold mines!

Mistake two: Be good at finding others ' mistakes, but ignoring the reason of finding yourself

Starting my own business, I am always looking for good entrepreneurial partners and good staff. To put it another way, I have been dissatisfied with the people around me, this dissatisfaction is multifaceted: not satisfied with their work efficiency, dissatisfaction with their working attitude, and even dissatisfied with their private life.

Until recently, I realized that I had made two mistakes by most entrepreneurs, specifically:

1. Do not use your own standards to ask others.

Perhaps you are NB, perhaps you have received the praise of countless people, but this does not mean that you can use your own standards to ask the people around you. Never expect the people around you to work like you, because the company is not theirs, why do they take your life?

2. Are they not working hard or are you incapable of making them work hard?

The premise of employees ' hard work is that they need to be motivated enough, and how to motivate them depends on the ability of the entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur can not fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the staff naturally will not work hard, more impossible to make you satisfied.

For example: I am now ready to open shop in Taobao, rather than in the staff ear to say 10,000: "You have to work hard, you have to work hard ...", rather say: "You each receive a single give you 10% commission!"

Mistake three: thin skin

I find that since I started my business, I've become a bit of a home. A lot of time obviously a phone can handle things, but I choose SMS, QQ and other ways and exchange.

Now think of it, causing their own skin thin reasons mainly have the following:

1. Some aspects are not self-confident.

This is a mishap, but also a big taboo for entrepreneurship. Since you are ready to start a business, you choose the entrepreneurial direction and entrepreneurial path must be what you are best at and favorite. This way in front of customers you can have enough confidence.

For example: by the lure of interest, I have been doing computer hardware for a while, and I am ignorant of the hardware, the customer asked what I always in circles. The time is long, self-confidence to be hit again and again, the final nature cannot succeed.

2. Afraid of cold, imply.

Even if you have enough confidence in front of the client, you will inevitably get the customer's hard and sarcastic. As an entrepreneur, you must learn to "forbear".

"Forbear" is not but one of my favorite computer game names, but also I now need to cultivate the entrepreneurial philosophy. I recommend that every entrepreneur read Sookie's "endurance".

Mistake four: treat others as fools

An entrepreneur is a man and a liar. Lying is a double-edged sword: the success of lying can taste a temporary sweetness, but the failure of lying you eat a long time.

Martial Arts in the Mo is not once sung: "I make up a lie, go round a lie, this game, is how dangerous!"

Others believe you not because they are stupid, but because they trust you enough. So don't always take others as fools, many people are smarter than you think. Perhaps in the end you will find the most stupid is your own!

In addition, entrepreneurs need to be confident, but more open-minded. The so-called "strategic contempt of the enemy, tactical emphasis on the enemy" is the meaning.

In fact, every opponent has something worth learning, even if these opponents fail, their failure experience is a valuable asset to me. Therefore, every opponent should be respected.

Mistake five: reluctant to spend money

Perhaps because I was from scratch, I am the company to earn every penny feel cherish, even to the level of stingy.

"Cut expenditure" is correct, but must not fall into the whirlpool of throttling.

No company's money can only be entered, in many cases, the more money you go out, the more money you come in.

So as entrepreneurs, do not worry about the cost or accumulation of funds, but should use their own funds, so that the flow of funds fully.

Take job sales as an example: many entrepreneurs want to hire a sales without basic salary, but the people who recruit are basically going to walk away for a month or two, and the value created by the company is very limited. Instead, the basic salary + commission of the recruitment method can attract more sales elite. Although the company spends more money on sales, sales can bring more revenue to the company.

Mistake six: obsession with finding shortcuts

Maybe it's a TV show, maybe it's a couple of rich second-generation buddies, and I always think it's easy for other bosses to earn money. So I'm always obsessed with finding a simple and quick way to earn money.

Practice has proved that: simple and rapid way to earn money from the difficult and slow to earn money from the accumulation of methods. I am not rich second-generation, so for me, there is no shortcut to make money, perhaps I now do all, is to my background to accumulate money shortcuts.

There are no shortcuts to entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship needs to be paid. Do not indulge in the myth of success, every successful person behind are countless sweat and tears.

Error Seven: Always waiting

I have a habit of doing all the preparation work 100% before doing one thing. Do not realize that a lot of time and business opportunities in the waiting for the loss of white.

I think as a successful entrepreneur, should be to let customers wait for you, rather than waiting for themselves. If you can make customers willing to wait for you, this will show that your products, services are truly competitive.

Error Eight: Keep it as it persists

In the "Kai-fu Lee: where entrepreneurship and how to start" This article, the teacher said a word: "Adhere to and maintain is not a concept" I now have a deep feeling!

I used to think for a long time that "as long as I hold on, I will succeed one day." Now think about it, I think the "maintenance" mistake is "persistence".

If you're on the right path to entrepreneurship, it's necessary to stick to it, and if you're on the wrong track, there's no need to keep it going.

Mistake Nine: No faith

In the years of entrepreneurship, I experienced countless sleepless nights because of my work. and Sleepless night in addition to bring me more pain, delay more time, and did not solve the actual problem for me.

But until recently I found that entrepreneurs encounter difficulties, setbacks are very normal. In the face of these resistance, rather than the bite of the bullet, rather than with faith to dissolve.

Mistake Ten: The communicative side is too narrow

In China, "people and > days + geographical location".

In China, you will succeed if you don't try.

In China, networking and networking are important to entrepreneurs!

Perhaps because I am the reason for the engineering background, I have always been more obsessed with machines, but neglected to deal with people.

For a successful entrepreneur, the client is your friend, your opponent and your friend!


It seems that I have made a lot of mistakes in the past few years, I believe that the same way on the entrepreneurial road you have or will make a similar mistake. "The so-called slap do not hit their body do not know pain," a lot of experience and lessons only their own experience, or even pay the cost of blood or money to have a sense of it! But hopefully it will give some help to the entrepreneurs who see this article.

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