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1) Domain name selection

if it was two years ago, I would tell you that the domain name best put the keyword. But now it is recommended that the domain name can be put the best keywords, but not to put keywords to the domain name for a very long, not to put the keyword, register with a conjunction character domain name.

one step further, in order to let the domain name see Clearly, can put a conjunction character, put up to two, but not for stacking keywords. If the domain name with the keyword is not easy to find, choose an easily branded short obscure words, or newly coined words.

2) Descriptive

the entire URL includes domain names, directory names, and file names, where possible, with descriptive words, especially directory names and file names. Let the user see the URL, you can roughly understand what this page is.

3) URL inside the keyword

if possible, the directory name file name can be put on some keywords. In one of his posts, Matt Cutts has hinted that the keyword in the URL is more or less useful to search engine algorithms.

4 URL not too long

Although you can consider in the URL to put keywords, but it is best not to put keywords, and the directory name file name for a long time.

with a conjunction character

URL in the name of the directory name the best word between words-, do not underline _, and do not use other allowed but very strange characters. The conjunctions are treated as spaces.

6 English words and pinyin

for English sites, of course, the URL of the descriptive keyword is better to write. For Chinese websites, you can consider using Pinyin. But for longer words, pinyin is not easy to read, in this case, or suggest the use of English words.

Others put the name of the directory name inside the Chinese word, or sometimes there are spaces, such URLs appear in the browser address bar, will become some coded characters. Although search engines can be identified, but look ugly, not recommended.

7 URL static

this is almost necessary. Don't be serious, don't argue that a lot of URLs with one or two question marks are included well. To do better is also very simple, do not go with the bad.

8) Level two domain name and directory

level two domain name in the Chinese site seems very popular, and now the level two domain name in Google has a lot of junk content, Google has no good way to do this.

but I personally recommend the use of the directory, unless there is a special need, it is best not to use the level two domain name.

9) Case

URLs are best used in all lowercase letters, like UNIX server uppercase letters are handled differently, meaning that index.html and index.html are treated as two different files. If the first page under a directory is index.html, there will be an error accessing the directory. In other cases, case mixing is often confusing.
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