Summarize some specific promotional methods to make the flow of new highs

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Yesterday is a turning point, the flow of innovation high, hehe.

Summed up a number of specific promotional methods, take out to share with you.


My blog "Odere shocking deeds", positioning for a Life class blog, the theme is very loose, the key words are scattered, bricks, so SEO has been bad to do, every day from the search engine to the IP not more than two, once let me once discouraged.

Yesterday found DotA (a very popular game, university dormitory, almost universal DotA) a small trick, using bugs to no injury hit Roshan, this technique released must be very sensational, I think. So I did a screenshot, do a detailed introduction description, the most important, with a professional original content, SEO is good to do, the key words I set up the following: "A dozen Roshan, variant elves, Raiders, water people, water people dozen Roshan", title for "Teach you how to use water people, A level without injury hit Roshan ", the article all the keywords bold, and consciously arranged. Post out, sure enough, within a few hours, there are more than 10 visitors from Google, I have been very satisfied.

Forum Promotion:

Have a professional content, do not worry about promotion, so I find a relatively high popularity of domestic DotA several forums, registration ID, will be linked with the article open posted. Here is a small incident: RN Forum, the default network picture can not be copied in, so eager to see the introduction of the students will generally point to my original link, conversion rate is very high, not intentionally, but can enlighten us.

Social media Promotion:

1, Renren share the link, because the school's national DotA atmosphere, such content is very popular, so the effect is good, and let a few friends to share, the potential of this promotion is endless.

2, Douban promotion, write a log, to the group to send links to the article, recommend the Web site, grab the sofa stay links and so on, as long as you have a promotion of the heart, watercress is in addition to the best promotion base of Weibo.

3, micro-bo promotion, my micro-bo bound Twitter, Sina Weibo, Renren, watercress, what to do, muttering, Lei monkey ... "Odere's shocking deeds" on all articles, has been released, I will be the first time in micro-blog bulletin, a key synchronization, there is more efficient way than this?

4, QQ Group Mail, I added two 500 dota group, just opened the group of Mail, Hey, I will not relent ~

Wait, or that sentence, as long as you have a promotion of the heart, the method is endless.

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