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Now many webmaster do network promotion are like to use blog, but some novice webmaster did not understand the characteristics of the blog, on a number of simple settings, not to reach the goal of promotion, waste of time and resources. Below I will use some of the blog's experience to share the exchange with you

1. Blog choice: Now the network has a lot of blog providers, but not so the blog is suitable for network promotion, so that the choice of blog is very important, I based on the use of multiple blog effect tracking and data analysis, think Baidu, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tianya, news, 39, QQ Space These blog site right important, search the cable easy to catch, very suitable for network promotion.

2. Blog Packaging: We are in. Blog registration when the personal information as much as possible in detail, of course, some places you can fill in some false information, in short, you can fill in all the places you should fill. After my many experiments, the name of the blog search index has no impact, so the blog name can be casually, as long as the convenience of memory can be. After registering a blog theme plate inside Select a theme style, this can be according to personal preferences, and then the head and friend chain set correctly, a blog basic packaging is completed, of course, if you are very familiar with the HTML language can also do some optimization for blog, thus increasing the effect of promotion.

3. Blog content: We set up a blog is to help the network to promote the network, so the proposed use of targeted blog, why is called targeted blog, because the published articles will have "XX" site keywords, so as long as you do not stop this blog update, then in Baidu search "XX" keyword, Blogs are bound to come out, there is the promotion of the blog, promotional blog is very good to do, because only one purpose is to let people know that the existence of this product, so there is no limit to the article, I often in the "Baidu Cloud List" on the topic, and then around the subject to write articles, or false original, so there will be a lot of traffic in the , subject can go to "Baidu Wind and Cloud list" in search, for some hot events, to do a special issue, the effect will be quite good.

4. Blog ads: Blog ads I usually rarely put in blog posts, generally put in the layout design, I general advertising will be in the blog layout design, blog albums on the top of the blog, most of the photo album is to promote the products of the photos, because this, the first can direct visitors to show products, The second blog phase of the image once by the search engine included, can also bring traffic to the blog, in Sina Blog can not only do albums, but also can be on their own website of the customer service tools into the blog, like the Changsha New Oriental Culinary College that blog, talk about consulting tools into which, so as to further improve the quality of the promotion.

Finally, the blog's network promotion is a long-term work, it is difficult to see the effect in short term, so please some insist, if persisted, the promotion effect of the blog will be very obvious. Here also publicize my small station Chaoyang forum | You are welcome to exchange the experience of promotion.

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