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The site is K can be said to build station personnel the biggest blow. As a seoer, how to effectively prevent their site by K, and after K can quickly find the method of collection is very important. This article only summarizes some very likely to be k reason, as far as solves the method, does not go these reasons to be possible.

1, Space instability

This is a very common reason for k, especially because of the strict record, many people put the site to the foreign. and foreign space because of this or that reason, many times the site inexplicably can not open. Cause space instability. There is a lot of foreign countries because there are many IP can be used at will, when we do not open the site, many people choose to freely change IP. Or even more, not only IP changed, physical space also changed. This operation, if not very frequent does not matter, if very frequent, random, the site is easily k off.

2, the site was attacked

There are many forms of attack, for example, get our permissions on our page to insert illegal ads or insert a virus code; some DDoS attacks, causing the site to open fast when the slow, or sometimes not open; there is cc attack, inexplicable its name our site's IP has been soaring, Finally the site will not open. If these reasons persist for a few days, the site will probably be K. The reason for this is the same property as the spatial instability.

3, site acquisition over

What does it mean to collect too much? It is possible to collect content from the same site over a long period of time, causing the content to be too similar. Some people are input a keyword to collect content, but this content may be 01, 02 content, these old content, because there are keywords also published to our site. Such content can be said to be completely outdated content, it is easy to lead to site by K. Dong ou pump valve Network technicians have encountered such a business station by K case.

4, website optimization over

Optimization over the general is not what is more in the chain, the keyword more or anything. The key is that some data are abnormally exploding or exploding. For example, buy black chain site, the first few days black chain stability, search engines are indexed to these outside the chain, and the number of these outside the chain is very large. However, the black chain is very unstable, to one months or weeks later, we quietly found that these links are gone, the search engine daily snapshots can also find the abnormal changes in these data, this time, it is easy to cause the site was K. There is of course the content of the explosion or the explosion, today added a lot of information, the following days are not moving, such as the form of information is also easy to make the site K.

5, content irrelevant

For example, the theme of our site is webmaster class, which is full of weight loss or thin body. Such a situation generally short time is not k, but when our site long after, Baidu Spiders suddenly found, such a site is also the most likely to incur by K.

The above points are personal summary of some of the site by K several reasons, may not be used. Just want to tell everyone, guard against these reasons, do not let their hard work out of the site to mercilessly plucked hair. Instant discovery of the cause and correction will make our site more healthy development.

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