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2010 years will pass, and a few less than seven hours passed, here I wish you happy New Year, the New year everyone site ranking more on a level! To the point, I believe we all know that a site is the mainstream of the search engine to come, about 70% of the traffic is the search engine, The other is through a number of yellow pages Web sites, blogs, forums, questions and answers platform, etc. come over. So we want to do a Web site traffic or must do a good job seo, then how to do the site's search engine optimization work? Li Yang Seo based on their own experience to do SEO a year summed up the following points:

1, original or original

The importance of original content I do not say much, I believe that a lot of friends know this point. But really do the original webmaster and a few? According to my understanding many friends say original tired, original no resources, no professional knowledge and so on, such an excuse. There are some friends are original, but, the so-called original readability is not to compliment, such as website construction site, original article content unexpectedly is the clothing class, or is not consistent with the content of the website. There are also some webmaster for the original use some tools to change, really do the "original", search engine but as an original. But for us, can be said to be a heavenly book, read do not understand! The real original is: for their own website title, write targeted, accurate, netizen readability and other articles, whether for search engines or users, original content is very necessary. So we have to work on the original content, adhere to!

2. Website Meta

A good meta, just like our face, we look at people from the face, a decent, very distinctive person you will be the first time to remember? The headline is like our face. Li Yang seo think meta writing should be--title: Keywords + keywords + keywords + company brand name, the main keyword from left to the arrangement, and the key words generally best control within 5, described, is to use a sentence containing the language of the words, Word control in 50 words, remember not to stack the site keyword. There is a point is the density of keywords, a lot of textbooks and even some webmaster said density should be in 2%-8%, in fact, personally feel different search volume, the heat of the keyword density is not the same. Less search, low index can be appropriate to improve the point, or even more than 8% is OK. Last period of time, I a customer's website keyword density is even more than 12%, keyword ranking is still Baidu home page. For some large search, high index of words, not recommended more than 3%, take the website construction, Guangzhou website Construction These words, the best control under 2%. Keywords in different industries, the density is relatively different. The key word is to grope for oneself.

3, quality outside the chain

Why is the quality outside the chain? Do SEO so long, also more or less understand some do outside the chain method. such as writing soft text, encyclopedia category, purchase links and so on. Do not ask for more than the chain, only fine, quality is what we do outside the chain the right way. The weight of the site, outside the chain on this, the quality of the chain in a large degree of influence on the site weight, keyword search engine rankings.

4, the Netizen manifests

User embodiment, netizens embody, believe that many forums, articles have mentioned, search engine no matter how to adjust the algorithm, the same point is the user embodies. An important factor in search engine existence is to improve the effective information for users. First of all, from the Web open speed, browse the environment, a clean page, interactivity and so on to do a good job of the user embodiment of a website. Buy a stable server, the size of the page as much as possible to reduce the point, the site ads do not fly around, the content and the title of the site and so do a good job of this site's netizens!

5, mentality

A lot of webmaster forums have said the mentality than SEO technology is stronger, on a few days I wrote a seoer to Gray wolf Learning, said is the mentality, webmaster friends you do SEO have a wolf catch sheep Spirit? Website Original update Do you insist? Quality outside the chain you have to do enough? It can be said that the mentality occupies 60% of the success of keyword rankings, leaving 40% is technology and some other factors. Do SEO is to see who pay more, than the endurance. Author: Children's clothing Wholesale network: webmaster, this article original, reproduced please keep the source!

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