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Keywords Choose this that is down these

From the beginning to do the site has been six months now, people say practice makes perfect, and indeed the truth.

As a result of learning to do the site, has been a person in their own slowly groping to do, so at the beginning of the time only pay attention to the content of the site, looking for good source code and so on some do not matter (I am not saying Oh good program is not important OH ~), at that time the first use of the new cloud, know that now I have been used, There are really ten easy to start programs for beginners.

After so many months of groping, now I have been groping for a long time since the site Optimization keyword selection skills summed up, I hope the master can be more guidance.

Description, I do is for Baidu keyword choice, for other search engines should be almost it, but after all, Baidu is the most popular search engine in Chinese.


1, Baidu Home:

2, Baidu Index:

3, Baidu Bid: below I will choose the key way to write down.

First of all to determine the theme of the site, such as Non-mainstream, QQ space and so this is a big direction, where I use non-mainstream this keyword to illustrate.

Baidu's role is to select the relevant keywords, because the previous Baidu related keyword search has been unable to use, but Baidu auction can be used for free registration account for 1 months, hehe, 1 months later to register.

Login to select the keyword query, this is the tool we are looking for, search Non-mainstream related keywords, in the page out of the observation, ranked in front of the search volume is very large, but more competitive, so generally our new station is not suitable for selection.

Select a search for two medium-related keywords, and then in the Baidu Index to check the keyword search volume situation, (general situation our new station to choose is about 2000 of some keywords), these meet the requirements of the key words recorded.

The last is in Baidu search these keywords, this is a somewhat complicated process, the selected keywords are searched in Baidu, and then find these keywords and what is the first 10 pages within the competitiveness of the relative weakness of the key words, that is, the key word in the first 10 pages of Baidu and a large number of ranking sites are some internal pages, or list page, which indicates that the keyword is still potential, so that the round of the query to the end, so that the selection of the keyword has not left a few.

The next thing to do is to locate the main keywords for the site, with the remaining keywords in Baidu related search continue to query, select a related search volume than more keywords, combined with specific search volume and some of their preferences selected down a specific main keyword.

The main keyword set up after a long time to try not to make changes, and then based on the relevant keywords for the site to choose a few auxiliary keywords!

In the site to add and edit the article when you need to pay attention to the use of these keywords as far as possible.

This is the six months since my keyword selection techniques, website optimization can not be too impatient, slowly to modify. Position the description and keywords.

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