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As the saying goes, there must be a reason, a website can be successful, a site can get good results, this site with the major factors are inseparable, the people here to sum up the usual site optimization methods and the relevant factors in the website.

Server factor:

1, the server's regional distribution impact rankings, different regions of the server will affect the search results, so that explains the site's culture, why the different local search results will not be the same. As an example of teacher Tong, if you are doing an English site, the server is best placed abroad.

2, the speed and stability of the server

The speed of the server affects the speed of the spider, the server is not stable enough will affect the spider to your site to crawl. Typically, server instability shows a few things:

(1) In the background when the login automatically out of the background, to be logged again, and frequent.

(2) When the site is loaded fast and slow, of course, it also depends on your computer's network speed, and area. In general, they are compared horizontally with their own local standards.

(3) Web site FTP is often not, you will encounter such a problem to be aware of, then to check the site's server operation is normal. Let the problems in the server be resolved as soon as possible.

(4) The website often cannot open

If one or more of the above is the case, you should pay attention to the site's server whether there is a problem.

Content factors of the website:

1, the content of the site to be rich. As the name suggests, the site can be browsing your site for people to see the information, on the contrary, if a site does not have enough information for people to view, the site will be empty.

2, the original content of the site is more, this is a commonplace problem, here there is no need to talk more.

3, the website as far as possible with the text to express content, the most important thing is to facilitate the spiders crawl.

Tittle and META elements:

1, tittle and meta design principles

(1) each page tittle and meta tags are different, and to the content of the page to match.

(2) The more tittle design, the better, as far as possible not more than 25 Chinese characters. Web page description Meta tags do not exceed 100 words.

2, tittle and meta tags in the keyword density.

(1) Tittle gift highlight 1-2 keywords can be, not too much Web page description and meta tags, the core keyword reasonable appearance of about four times.

(2) keyword tags have been neglected. A reasonable number of key words can be.

Common Mistakes in optimization:

1, tittle in the accumulation of keywords

One page is only one keyword, most reasonable. Accumulation of keywords, easy to find excessive SEO, and the real SEO optimization after, would like not to optimize the same.

2, each page tittle and meta tags are the same.

Such practices usually appear in some pages of more Web sites, but also on the static site as the main, usually static Web site many content is manually added content, so it will be easy to tittle and meta tags are the same situation.

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