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1. Use the scene
Use adb bugreport to export the files needed for power analysis and then perform a more detailed analysis at

adb bugreport >
adb bugreport > Bugreport.txt
adb bugreport - return all information from the device that should be included in a bug report.

 " bugreport [PATH]\n"
    "     write bugreport to given PATH [];\n"
    "     if PATH is a directory, the bug report is saved in that directory.\n"
    "     devices that don't support zipped bug reports output to stdout.\n"
I mainly want to know where the data of bugreport is derived.

2. bugreport data source
2.1 Receiving point issued by the adb bugreport command

Command line receiving event view
#include "bugreport.h"

int adb_commandline(int argc, const char** argv) {

    } else if (!strcmp(argv[0], "bugreport")) {
    Bugreport bugreport;
    return bugreport.DoIt(argc, argv);
2.2 bugreport.DoIt(argc, argv)
int Bugreport::DoIt(int argc, const char** argv) {
    return SendShellCommand(bugz_command, false, &bugz_callback);
2.3 Executing an Execution File
Corresponding to the executable file in the system directory

/system/bin # ls -al
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root   shell      10264 2018-05-31 15:18 bugreport
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root   shell      10264 2018-05-31 15:18 bugreportz

2.4 Reading bugreport information
In fact, bugreport is dumpstate, the specific file is in the mobile system directory system/bin/dumpstate, dumpstate is the executable file.
  • Cmd window
    Sufadi:/system/bin # ls dumpstate -all
    ls dumpstate -all
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root shell 207136 2018-05-31 15:18 dumpstate
  • Specific source code
    // This program will trigger the dumpstate service to start a call to
    // dumpstate, then connect to the dumpstate local client to read the
    // output. All of the dumpstate output is written to stdout, including
    // any errors encountered while reading/writing the output.
    int main() {
      // Start the dumpstate service. 启动 dumpstate service
      // 其实bugreport就是 dumpstate 
      property_set("ctl.start", "dumpstate");
      while (1) {
        char buffer[65536];
        ssize_t bytes_read = TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(read(s, buffer, sizeof(buffer)));
        do {
          bytes_written = TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(write(STDOUT_FILENO,
                                                   buffer + bytes_read - bytes_to_send,
          if (bytes_written == -1) {
            printf("Failed to write data to stdout: read %zd, trying to send %zd (%s)\n",
                   bytes_read, bytes_to_send, strerror(errno));
            return 1;
          bytes_to_send -= bytes_written;
        } while (bytes_written != 0 && bytes_to_send > 0);
      return 0;
2.5 dumpstate implementation and its data source
  • 1. System properties
  • 2./proc and /sys node files
  • 3. Execute the shell command to get the relevant output
  • 4.logcat output
  • 5.Android Framework Services information basically uses the dumpsys command to obtain information through the dump function in the binder call service.
Above, for example
- View battery information
RunDumpsys("CHECKIN BATTERYSTATS", {"batterystats", "-c"});

View kernal's wakeup source
DumpFile("KERNEL WAKE SOURCES", "/d/wakeup_sources");
3. bugreport data display
Export mobile phone data from bugreport, parsing raw data through battery-historian for multi-dimensional analysis of power consumption anomalies

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