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As Baidu's bid rankings are increasingly rigorous, many bidding rankings have been adjusted, which, although the damage to the economic interests of Baidu, but in the long run, for Baidu is there is a benefit and no harm, after all, this will attract more people through the continuous optimization of the site to promote Baidu rankings, but also more dependent on Baidu, Baidu is bound to form a single big situation, from this point of view, Baidu has earned no loss! This is now SEO optimization industry is one of the reasons, but, a lot of webmaster in the optimization of the site, often ignore the following four tips, let me do a simple analysis below!

One: By understanding Baidu Snapshot mechanism to optimize the site

Usually the site may not open during the operation, or open speed too slow problem, at this time many users can through the Baidu snapshot to open the corresponding page, but the corresponding pictures on the site, audio and video is generally not open, and once the site is often not open, this snapshot of the cache time will be longer, Thus leading to the site's ranking will appear constantly decline, so before the site construction, we must think of ways to do a good job in the site space construction, to ensure the stability of the space!

Two: Search engine provides relevance search, to the long tail optimization opportunities

such as Baidu search engine almost all have memory function, when a word search volume big up, its search box will pop up the corresponding words, while the search engine also provides language error correction ability, these functions on the one hand to enhance the user search experience, but also help us in the optimization of the site, To learn to use these skills to be good at analyzing users like to use the long tail keyword, and also through the optimization of the approximate keywords, such as the beginning of the donkey net is to use the search engine this approach, greatly attracted the net traffic!

Third: Learn to search engine segmentation skills to optimize

Every search engine has its own strength, for Chinese search engines, Word segmentation technology, is undoubtedly the core technology, then can learn to analyze Baidu Search engine analysis technology, to apply to the optimization of the site, it must be more than half the time, these word segmentation technology can often be used as a long tail keyword analysis of the sharp weapon, because of participle technology, Mainly depends on the user's keywords, to use double quotes or the title number to exact match, can also be fuzzy matching, and this fuzzy matching is the advantages of long tail keywords! So in the choice of long tail word optimization, we must fully consider the search engine segmentation technology!

Four: From Baidu spider a muscle traverse the site to do a good job inside the page optimization

Many webmasters want to be able to let Baidu as much as possible to browse their own website, as much as possible to crawl more site content, but when these sites appear a large number of dead links, Baidu Spider even came, it is easy to get lost, more prone to hit the south wall and do not know, eventually led to the site's aversion, so for the site optimization, Light to do the external optimization of the site, improve the ranking of the site or not, but also need to do a good job of the basic skills of their own site optimization, such as to set 401 pages, told the spider in the face of the death of the link, to timely turn back, not to let hundreds of poisonous spiders trapped

Of course, the above only introduces a lot of webmaster easy to ignore several skills, and for content optimization, outside the chain of construction, the author has not too much to dabble, after all, the content of the king outside the chain for the emperor has been the content and the importance of the construction of the chain, of course, to improve the effect of SEO optimization, only to achieve the content of the king, outside the chain for the emperor is Also need more from the details, the above four skills is a lot of webmaster in the SEO process easy to ignore the details! This article source: weight loss nets A5 First, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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