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In the nine Orange network letter to do the promotion has been 10 months, and then look back, clearly see their own way to grow up. 10 months in a person's work experience although not long, but in the process of groping and learning still have a little of their own experience, summed up as follows:

One, outside the station

1, learn to analyze keywords, for keywords to do search engine rankings. Through the search engine traffic accounted for a lot of the total flow of the site. Keywords come from the bottom of the search engine or from the company's paid ads. Find the list of weak keywords, and then use classified information, blogs, forums, e-commerce sites and other conventional tools to do the promotion. I think the promotion coverage to reach a certain breadth, so when the search engine adjustment rankings will not be due to the decline in some of the site rankings leading to the decline in the keyword order.

Often follow the check keywords, if the rankings fall, strengthen the promotion

Attached: a better promotion site

Category information: 263, fair, 58, Search, Yiden, more than enough, lists, forms and so on. Classification information to do the keyword effect is very significant, the persistence of general.

Blog: Baidu space, sina,sohu,163, Tianya, Enterprise Bo Net, 19 floor, mop and so on. Blogs are mostly random links, almost my link farms. In fact, this is not in line with the current legend of blog marketing. Experts recommend registering a blog, writing a journal related to the company's business, long become the company's official blog, you can try.

Forum: Fence, broadband mountain, famous shopping guide, the West Shrine and so on. Popular Fire forum posts browsing volume objective.

E-commerce: Pooja, Bai na, global trade, Alibaba, business, Wan Xin and so on. Slow to use for long-term goals.

Question and Answer: Tianya, Sina, Tintin question and answer. My link farms.

Encyclopedia: Baidu Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia. My premium link farms.

2, i have searched for a domestic weight higher site ranking table (Http://, and then selected from this site to do some of the site outside the promotion, the effect has been continued until now.

Inspiration: From the weight of higher web site to do the promotion effect than small site to more lasting stability. Firefox has a small plug-in, you can find the site PR,PR high weight of the site, the effect will be good.

3, outside the promotion of content to provide readers with more comprehensive information, web site, telephone, promotional points to do a little more eye-catching.

If it is a blog, because you can bring links can be Shing push keywords with links, and bold.

Attached: The main points of the promotion content outside the station:

1. Who are you?

2. What would you like to introduce me to?

3. What are the benefits of the products and services you introduce to me?

4, how to prove that you introduced is true?

5. Why do I have to buy with you?

6. Why do I have to buy it with you now?

4, some high weight sites do not send hard ads, you can use it to do links. such as Sina, Phoenix, NetEase, embedded in the soft text link to the company's website. Such links are better quality.

5, the popular active forum if the promotion does well, can bring the considerable flow. Do not add a link, because the administrator disgusted, such as the high number of visits and then bring the link. Good forum can register multiple account cheat, by the way top stick. This is my weak place.

6, Baidu Encyclopedia although recently not too good to do, but do not give up, has been insisting. Baidu's things to make good use of.

Space, know, search hidden, paste. Do something every day, not too much. Because I have done too much, was blocked IP, high-quality resources can not be used.

7, in Baidu search keyword, make full use of search content. If it is a forum, you can ad in the reply.

8, some forums do not advertise, you can leave the signature of promotional information, Web site, telephone

9, I tried someone else's one way: Register a new blog, post all posts to point to the first. The effect is more likely to be included in this blog than just the link to the company's website.

10, the general blog has links and custom modules, you can use.

Second, the station

1, the website frequently updates, adds the website content close to the information. Do links outside the station to add to the new page, accelerated included.

2, website optimization:

Page design allows users to see the latest promotions more clearly

The series between pages, from the Level 3 page to find different keywords Bold point two page to increase the weight of two pages

The packaging design of the higher entrance ranking page

Each page as a separate page to optimize, the beginning and end of the page will appear with the page introduction business-related words

The site map is pretty important.

Website title, keywords, content description is very important. In the selection of keywords in accordance with the site content and strength of the site.

3, in the site to provide users with service content to bring traffic. such as the provision of wireless Internet card driver download, telecommunications Business Hall address.

4, the forum looks like the post garden of the website, find some current hot topic, hot personage also can attract eyeball. In the Baidu Encyclopedia Riga Hot people or events and in the expansion of reading plus the company's website links, can bring a lot of traffic.

The method is many, and has been changing. The goal is to make the site more legitimate quality links, the site in the search engine rankings do, so that the target users see, or in other places by the target user to see. The promotion process may be the learning practice summary process, the regular Exchange study supplements The fresh blood is very important.

Attached: I promoted the website

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