Summary of the eight most common SEO problems for beginners

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1, the domain name suffix to seo influence how big

In practice we found that the domain name for most of the site is very small, but the impact must be there. From the SEO point of view, we should register the domain name should be corn-net-cn-com. CN order.

2, Baidu, Googie why not included in my site?

Under normal circumstances, do not violate the site will be included. Most of the time is not included in the site itself, such as the whole station collection, cheating, such as SEO. There is also a reason, is the website revision, it is precisely because of the change of several editions, causing now almost one months has not been included. Of course, the new station also takes time to be included.

3, SEO What is the most important?

The development of search engine should be more inclined to the content relevance, professional assessment and judgment. Therefore, SEO is to do keyword analysis, keyword positioning, site content editing and deployment. For a truly professional person to pay attention to the site's internal content of the original and timeliness.

4, what is the fastest way to improve the ranking?

Cheating can be a quick way to improve the rankings over time. But I suggest not to cheat, because the likelihood that cheating causes to be sealed off is very big, this cost is very big. Cheating leads to the vicious development of the whole SEO industry, users will become disgusted with the SEO industry because of the bad search experience. So there is no shortcut to SEO, if who has the quickest way to do is to do more. Update the website and write the soft text.

5, why the station included less?

If this is the case suddenly, in general, in a few days will be restored. But if your site content is fully collected, it is that the search engine deleted the content of duplication.

6, Learning SEO where to start?

Simple code can read basic can do SEO. Generally recommended for beginners to use open source Web site procedures, their own to do a few small stations, learn basic SEO mode of operation (such as: keyword positioning, keyword analysis, tag writing, etc.). Three months down to observe their site in the search engine performance, experience to find problems. Basically can grasp five points to SEO.

7, the search engine contains a site about how much time?

In fact, this question can only be said that I do the site is normally within one months, some faster, as long as one day. This requires multiple outgoing links and a stable update site.

8, SEO prospects?

SEO is the most important part of the future network marketing, because it does help optimize the site, this optimization convenience for a variety of users, I am very optimistic about the prospects of this industry. At present, large Web sites such as business-to-business Web sites, business E-commerce site SE0 demand is relatively strong. Compared with corporate websites, large Web sites have a higher ROI on SEO. This article comes from the Tibetan Mastiff reservation.

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