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Wuhan these days blistering, remember the former school's foreign teacher Harvey said such a word: Wuhan weather is too evil, a cold to die, a hot hot to die. This weather is not even to the locals of Wuhan, not to mention a foreign teacher from India. Although very hot, but our team has not been overwhelmed by the sultry weather, SEO services are still in full swing, and maintain a good momentum. Sometimes I worry, seo the end of where, this problem is not a person I should face, perhaps every seoer should think about the problem. Remember someone said, SEO Masters are now basically not a simple SEO route, and now turned to SEM, all-round use of their own technology and resources to integrate a system to develop a project. So I've been asking myself, do I have the ability? Am I ready? But the reality tells me, not enough, far from enough.

Just do seo people may have a hobby, is the eye always stare at the rank, but slowly after a period of time, you will now, you stare at the focus is no longer ranked, but traffic and antecedents. Thus directly extending to the highest level, the conversion rate of the problem. From this we can think of the fundamental conversion rate from high-quality content, but to do high-quality content is to obtain traffic from the search engine, from the search engine to obtain traffic is to convert traffic into customers. Therefore, our ultimate goal is conversion rate, not search engine traffic.

So some customers say that the site's traffic is good, search the keyword is also very nice, but there is no customer to consult. So the idea of conversion to solve the real problem, we analyze see a lot of websites do the content is very naked, can be clearly seen is for the search engine to do content, so the content of the keyword, do not too obvious, because it is easy to attract the attention of search engines. Now many networks do not attach much importance to the quality of site content, so the conversion rate of the site will be very low. And some sites, may even be because the quality of the content is too poor, and then affect the brand under the enterprise line. So SEO needs to look for problems calmly rather than looking at the results alone. This article by webmaster Heart Blue Original, forwarding please indicate the source to retain the author information, thank you.

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