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Sun Li is graceful and charming. Recently, Sun dressed in a black halter dress, elegant debut, a century-old famous brand of the Greater China region spokesperson.  When it comes to artists splitting up studios, Sun says he has no intention of doing so. Recently Sun is work clock, and the film "close Long" cooperation with Donnie Yen is running smoothly after the system, with Chen Jia on the director of the film "painting Choi" just shut down, immediately into the new single MV shooting, followed by the "Post Masan biography" of the Boot, and "harem" is up to four months of filming period, No wonder Sun, in an interview, admits that he has been filming all year and has little time to rest.  This is almost impossible for the sun who always pay attention to life, so wait until the end of the "harem", Sun said must have a good rest, adjust the state of life. In addition, recently on the artist single fly to open the studio seems to become a trend, Fan Bingbing, Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Chen and other have set up a studio, on their own, we are very concerned about sun will have such a plan, but Sun said very satisfied with their status quo, there is no plan. And she starred in the film "Picture Choi" as another focus of media attention, in the face of repeated media inquiries, Sun Li was playing Tai Chi on the scene, expressed reluctance to do spoilers.  [Page] sun in a nude dress [page] Sun answer the question [page] Sun to attend the event [page] Sun Li smiles brightly [page] two people tacit cooperation [page] Sun and the Organizer Senior [page] Sun and the Organizer High level [page] Sun Li Pendulum pose[page] Sun Li endorsement [page] Sun Li [page] photo [page] photo [page] Touch your hair [page] with a guest fingerprint
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