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Shandong Original CPPCC Chairman refresh the province of the fall of the new record, or because Jianyi and killed mistress case was led by the report of the Wuhan Evening News, the CPPCC Shandong province, the Standing Committee of the Commission of the Nineth meeting the afternoon, according to the regulations of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,  decided to waive Sun Shuyi Shandong CPPCC Chairman and revoke its CPPCC membership. It was proposed to build the Chinese cultural symbol city after October in public view disappeared Sun Shuyi "Famous national" is in 2008 national "two sessions" period.  The proposal was funded by the state finance 30 billion to build the Chinese cultural symbol city, attracted a sound and opposition. In Shandong, this year's 64-year-old Sun Shuyi is destined to Lok Ma is a blatant secret. Rumors of a variety of versions were widely circulated in the civil society a year earlier. Last September, Sun Shuyi had disappeared from public view for 2 months, according to people close to the top of the Shandong Provincial party committee, Sun Shuyi has been CCDI into the scope of the investigation. Prior to this, the local has been widely spread sun and 2007 at the end of the 4 billion illegal fund-raising case and the famous national Jianyi and the death of mistresses.  But Sun Shuyi again at the end of last year appeared to confirm that it was unrelated to rumours. Careful people found that after October this year Sun Shuyi again in public "lost", in its CPPCC chairman of the CPPCC meeting only see empty seats, but no one knows the reason for absence.  According to Shandong CPPCC System People First, a year ago has been feeling Sun Shuyi "not right" ——— meaning that sun suddenly become with years of work, life rules are different, and later Sun Shuyi was controlled by the message will be circulated in the system, "Now we basically know", but the specific content is not clear. Reporters consulted local media reports, as Shandong CPPCC chairman of the Sun Shuyi before mid-October in the media has been intensive exposure, since then disappeared in the media reports.  The most recent appearance on the public occasion was on September 28, with the chairmanship of Shandong CPPCC to preside over the eight Standing committee meeting of Shandong CPPCC 10. and Jianyi and for the Shandong Shanghe fellow or due to the death of a mistress case was led out July 9, 2007, Jinan broke a bizarre car bombing case, a 31-year-old woman in a violent explosion beheaded. Soon the case broke, was originally Jinan City People's Congress director of the Jianyi and the.  One months later, Jianyi and plead, in the trial, Jianyi and confessed a number of serving officials to bribe the fact. Then, the Jinan officialdom big earthquake.  A number of urban-level officials were arrested, including the former deputy mayor of Jinan Guo, formerly Jinan Lixia District Deputy Secretary Li Ping, the original Jinan municipal Construction Committee director of the Grange, the former Jinan high-tech Development Zone deputy director Jing Jinping, the original Qihe county party secretary Li Fengchen and other people. Sun Shuyi and Jianyi and the same as Shandong Shanghe Fellow. 1995 Sun Shuyi by the secretary of Shandong Province Yongkang transferred to Jinan municipal party secretary, two years later Jianyi and the secretary of the Shandong Electronic Bureau as deputy Secretary of Jinan Municipal Committee. After February 1998 Jianyi and although by the Jinan Municipal party committee deputy secretary concurrently the party Committee organizationMinister, but the major personnel arrangements still have to be the Sun Shuyi of the head of the final decision.  It is said that the work of Li Fengchen and other people by Jianyi and tried, Sun Shuyi arranged to arrange. The business sector has not been spared.  November 2008 suddenly out of Jinan's largest private enterprises Connaught Group chairman Yuankun was "double gauge" rumors. According to Jinan discipline related staff first, Yuankun in Shandong Province before November 8, 2008 was suddenly dispatched by the investigation staff of the case to Jinan, after a year no longer in public appearances.  And Yuankun also was "double gauge" there are two Jinan government officials, including one of Jinan municipal People's Congress deputy director of the post. Jinan ji is illegal to raise 4 billion rumors that the case also has a connection between the rumor Sun Shuyi and the October 2007, Jinan Ji is a fund-raising case also related.  Ji Zheng Company boss Lingwen in October 2007, and then broke out of the company to direct sales in the name of illegal fund-raising up to 4 billion yuan. Born in 1949, Lingwen from 1989 to 1992 as director of Zaozhuang, who had previously served as deputy mayor of Zaozhuang. This time coincides with Sun Shuyi as the local party committee secretary. 1992, the 43-Year-old Lingwen resign in the sea, in Shandong Province Economic Development Corporation as vice-president and subordinate a branch manager.  Shandong Economic Development Corporation at that time the head is very large, there is a deep background of government officials, is the popular "official fall" class of companies, after the end of the absence of industrial support to fade out of people's vision. Ji Zheng Illegal fund-raising case broke out, the media reported that Lingwen in 2000 to take over the operation of a health care company called Jihui, 2006 renamed as Shandong Jinan Health care products company.  Ji Zheng Company in the name of direct sales of health care products in the MLM, October 2007 capital chain rupture, Gong printing volume of the flight, the amount of money involved amounted to 4 billion yuan. After the crime, in Jinan as the party secretary for more than 10 years Sun Shuyi was criticized, thought that Ji is Jinan development nearly 10 years time, not only without the slightest supervision and investigation, but won a number of honors, and Sun Shuyi connivance and harboring has a direct relationship.  There is a further suspicion that sun has a deeper relationship with Ji Zheng.  September 19, 2008, Jinan City Public Security bureau chief Liu for the first time openly classified the case as "suspected illegal absorption of public deposits case." This summer, Jinan to the victims of restitution part of the fund-raising, but the company's boss Lingwen has never been to justice.
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