Suning Nanjing General manager Shannong Airborne Beijing as the general manager of Suning Beijing

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One months ago, suning Nanjing General manager Shannong Airborne Beijing as the general manager of Suning Beijing. For Su Ning, Nanjing is the headquarters, but also the market, Beijing is an important market with the nature of the wind vane, one after another in charge of these two key markets, is enough to see the top of the Shannong of Suning Trust and esteem.

Suning in explaining the reasons for Shannong northward, has emphasized Shannong in O2O (Onlineto Offline, that is, to get through the line to the line of shopping mode) strategic integration of rich practical experience and the precise grasp of consumer demand. The Beijing market in Beijing Suning two former manager of the relay, in the store layout, logistics construction, O2O integration, value-added services have laid a good foundation. As Beijing Suning's new handsome, Shannong said that he wants to do is on this basis, accelerates the promotion O2O, the terminal reengineering as well as the store's Internet optimization. In the category, Shannong targeted the 3C market quite strongly.

Beijing Times reporter Jiang

Terminal Reengineering Enlarge Store Advantage

All over the country's 1600 physical stores is no doubt Suning is different from other electric dealers the biggest advantage. Online retail for consumers to provide a more convenient, more comprehensive and rich shopping channels, offline will assume more and more experience, the last kilometer, after-sale solutions, such as integrated service functions. Shannong that the development of mobile interconnection provides an opportunity for the Entity store terminal to function reengineering and value rebuilding. Beijing Suning this year will be around O2O landing, enhance the user experience, the store terminal value sublimation, will store advantages to the largest.

In the chain layout, Beijing Suning this year's open shop strategy is still to Expo Super Store as the core, the regional flagship store as a supplement to the single store output and endogenous growth capacity requirements will continue to improve; the layout of the railway circle, the loop layout, the core business Circle layout will become the key point of development. Store form, this year will be the core of 30 stores full Internet upgrade, the end of the total implementation of the five rings within the core business district Super Shop, the regional flagship store of the Internet transformation, upgrade the store terminal experience at the same time with the online suning easy purchase, carrying more additional functions.

And in the store function experience aspect, Shannong pointed out that the Internet area construction as well as unceasingly optimizes the product demonstration is the necessary hardware supporting facility. Stores in the Internet area can provide consumers with merchandise display, payment, self-mention, distribution, local life and other O2O services, and through the product mix to provide diversified, customized home appliances solutions, to create "theme home Appliances Pavilion" type of product display zone, can increase interactivity, enhance attractiveness. At the same time, a variety of product lines and differentiated services can also make the store experience more functional. This year, the Beijing Suning will be in the virtual operator business, 4G business experience, air purifiers, water purification equipment and other services and products to highlight the focus.

The Dark War Jingdong (rolling information) plot 3C half

The Beijing market for Suning, the importance of self-evident, not only has the nature of the wind vane capital market, and Beijing is Gome, Jingdong headquarters. After more than more than 10 years of competition and accumulation, Beijing Suning has now put the main competitor to the Beijing-east, and is prepared to have the advantage of the Beijing-East mobile phones, computers and other 3 C category to directly fight, close to melee, is intended to rob the Beijing 3C market in 50% of the share.

Shannong that the integration of mergers and acquisitions in the electric business sector provides an opportunity to reshape the market, especially in the 3C category, where the net-purchase penetration rate is higher. Beijing Suning in the area of everyone's power grid purchase in the absolute leading position, and by virtue of the advantages of 3C supply chain online will also have a very large growth space. In fact, since the middle of March, Beijing Suning has launched a mobile phone, computer two major categories of the total offensive, more than 1.2 million units of ultra-low price models, a long period of low price promotions, and continuously improve after-sales service experience and logistics delivery speed.

It is understood that in the specific deployment, Beijing Suning has been around the 3C category through the localization of warehousing services, to achieve localized distribution, through the whole city within 67 of the offline entity shop, Suning easy to buy express points, the last kilometer of the distribution of a large speed. In addition, with the help of the O2O advantage of the dual-line fusion, Beijing Suning can also provide on-site testing machine installed, software and application free download installation, anti-virus and after-sale maintenance value-added services, so that the store functions more rich three-dimensional, enhance the consumer's shopping experience. The industry generally believes that Beijing area 3C consumer market total is high, the user base is bigger, the market competition is also the most intense, Beijing 3C market East and Suning two strong hegemony's pattern also basically forms, Su Ning this launched the offensive, aimed at Jingdong East's intention is very obvious, aims to take the opponent's superiority category to operate.

O2O helps the internet retail ecology

In the era of mobile interconnection, the first element of competition for each family is the entrance. Over the past two years, Suning has been in full push line under the integration of the O2O layout, after the acquisition of Red children, but also last year after the acquisition of PPLive, full network, layout expansion to mother and child, video and group buying fields. The integration of video and group buying is clearly helping Suning develop other business beyond E-commerce, prepare for future video shopping and local life services, and build a complete Internet ecosystem.

Last November, the first O2O shopping festival, suning Union pplive Test Water New OVO (Online Videooffline, is the video as the medium, will line up the channel through the shopping form) interactive video shopping mode, large-scale expansion pplive brand, terminals and services. Shannong hope that Beijing Suning this year through the virtual operator business, mobile phone mobile terminal app, store true prototype, PAD, TV end, to achieve full coverage of the Internet port, in a subtle guide and nurture the user's consumption habits. Similarly, group buying, as an important carrier of O2O mode, plays an important role in promoting the integration of line.

After the acquisition of the full network this January, Su Ning will integrate it into the local life division to accelerate the development of local life services. According to the introduction, as the earliest in China to engage in group buying site, full net rooted in Beijing 4 years, in full on the consumption of the Beijing users more than 2 million, and Beijing is the largest area of Suning line is the biggest area, the cooperation between the two sides will greatly enhance the overall strength of suning local life field, in the procurement, operation, marketing aspects to achieve resource sharing , and gradually set up to suning stores as the core, radiation around the merchant's O2O model eco-circle. Full network can also use Suning open platform resources to achieve the rapid increase in transaction size.

-People dialogue

Suning will upgrade logistics to realize the three-day delivery

Q: Why did the 3C category offensive choose the Beijing market?

A: 3C category is the company's key breakthroughs this year, the strategic category, the company has a supply chain advantage, professional service advantages, price advantages, no reason is not the first. We are doing brand research, Beijing's consumers of Suning 3C, home appliances operating advantages are recognized. The Beijing market 3C consumer market Total high, the user base is big, we choose Beijing to carry on the key breakthrough, fully considered the Beijing Suning already has the local warehousing, the fast distribution backstage ability, simultaneously the Beijing area has the strategic significance to the competitor, therefore we chose concentrates the strength to carry on the precision attack.

Q: What kind of planning does Beijing Suning have in logistics this year?

A: Beijing suning in this year will promote the Beijing logistics to realize the enterprise and socialized operation, and accelerate the logistics infrastructure terminal, to achieve cost reduction, increase in loading rate, the increase in the rate of completion of logistics services optimization, and fully enhance the logistics user experience. At present, Beijing Suning Logistics Base, Phase two warehouse warehouse has been completed into use, logistics three phase has been prepared for construction; Express Point Construction, Beijing Suning will speed up the use of existing store after-sales service outlets and campus, gas stations, convenience stores and other social resources, to build 180 points by the end of this year. At the same time, increase the use of information technology to improve operational efficiency, the current "day two send" as soon as possible to upgrade to achieve "three send a day."

Q: What is the next step in O2O Beijing suning?

A: After two months of preparation, full network will take the lead and Beijing Suning launched O2O linkage. Next month will be the origin of each suning store, to achieve three km within the range of tourism, wedding photography, catering, leisure and entertainment, life services, such as local life industry, the full coverage of high-quality businesses, and Beijing Suning stores will assume the consumer offline redemption, offline interaction, the function of online shopping. At the same time, Suning stores will also be combined with the user's behavior characteristics, such as the first sale of the first pre-sale channel transplant, online flash purchase, store or easy to buy discount coupons and other new retail marketing methods. Starting from the second quarter of this year, there will be a large line of online activities in Suning stores, Suning easy to buy, full of online linkage show, the form of a complete subversion of that one day a year crazy promotion and seriously damage the consumer experience of the marketing model.

The characters

The new test of Suning veteran

Shannong 1998 into Suning, Suning pioneering period opened the territory of the old employees, successively in Zhejiang, Nanjing and other regions as general manager of Suning.

Talking about the newly-departed market in Nanjing and the new Beijing market, Shannong said that two cities belong to the first-line market, but the Beijing area market space is bigger, the competition is more intense, the pattern is also more open, but in the fast changing internet age background, how carries on the marketing innovation, the promotion shopping experience will carry on the Su Ning Transformation Strategy, There are still a lot of tests.

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