Suning received a courier license to build their own express delivery

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The battle between the electric dealers, from the price war began to spread to the logistics war. Reporter learned yesterday, the recent National Post Office website shows that, including Suning 12 companies have been granted express business license. Just before, Jingdong in this year June 25 first obtained the state Post office on Express business license audit. At present, Beijing East in 25 cities nationwide set up a warehousing center. Industry insiders believe that, as more and more electric companies to join the logistics industry, the electric business war has been diversified.

It is understood that Suning express business scope for domestic express (excluding the Postal Enterprise franchise business), operating areas including 11 provinces of some cities.

It is reported that, in addition to warehouses and warehouses between the logistics will sometimes use the third nowhere (such as airlines), Suning's logistics are basically their own doing. Suning has always been the ability to provide logistics services, but there is no license plate, you can only serve their own, if you want to serve the community, related to the cost of settlement issues, it must have a licence, which is also the reason for suning application for express license.

Electrical business involved in logistics and distribution, and electric business enterprises fierce competition is not unrelated to the situation, the industry believes that the electricity dealers in addition to spell prices, high-quality user experience is also an important chip in the competition. and logistics, distribution link is a key part of the electrical business to create a quality user experience, therefore, the strength of the electric dealers have dabbled in the field of express delivery, not surprising.

According to the industry analysis, at present, for the domestic larger electric business platform, into logistics is the general trend. We can foresee the future of domestic electricity business competition or extension to logistics. Suning received Express business license, on the one hand can improve the quality of service users, on the other hand, can better play the role of store storage under the line.

Cuishommes Reporter of Huaxi Metropolis Daily

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