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Absrtact: As the home appliance sales retailer, in the gross margin generally low 3C products in the price war is not easy, but Su Ning still decided to chew this piece of stubborn, and hand over a beautiful report card, Suning Beijing general manager Shannong said this year will

As a retail appliance sales retailer, in the gross margin of 3C products in general low price war is not easy, but Su Ning still decided to chew this piece of "stubborn", and handed over a beautiful transcript, Suning Beijing general manager Shannong said that this year will continue to increase the sales of 3C products, April will also be in the capital to build the first wearable equipment experience Hall.

Since March 14, Suning started a two-month large-scale 3C "battle" in Beijing, put in more than 1.2 million special models, long-term sustained low-cost sales, the goal is the city of mobile phones, computer half of the market share. From the activity began nearly four weeks of sales data, suning in Beijing area mobile phone sales more than 230,000 units, computer sales reached 110,000 units.

Beijing Suning general manager Shannong earlier in an interview with reporters had said that Suning will ensure that the price and sourcing advantages of comparable goods, and based on the product line launched under the 3C competition strategy, through a large purchase will be less than 5 points around the cost of peers, while bringing consumers not only the product itself, More value-added services based on products. such as Suning line stores can provide customers with on-site testing machine installed, software and applications free download installation, anti-virus and after-sale repair services, and further enhance consumer shopping experience.

It is understood that this time in suning easy to buy 100,000 units tcl "Mody" phone, in the first round of snapping up in less than 1 minutes was away. and previously in Suning exclusive debut Jawbone new version of the UP24 healthy hand ring hot, but also in the domestic set off a wearable equipment market upsurge, many industry experts have predicted that wearable technology will usher in the "outbreak period" this year.

Suning Association Bridge Super Shop will carry out large-scale reconstruction and opening on April 18, the capital of the first wearable equipment integration experience zone will be in Lenovo Bridge Super Shop design and built. In the experience zone, Su Ning exhibited a number of the current market attention of wearable equipment for consumer experience, such as Samsung Smart wearing equipment sm-v700, Jawbone up intelligent health hand ring, and in the future will also introduce Apple iwatch, Sony 3D head wear display equipment hmz-t3w, Sony smart watch MN2, Sony Smart Band and other wearable products.

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