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Every reporter Liu Mingtao recent new shares break serious, dozen of ordinary investors into a big problem!  But recently, Wanguo through one months since the issuance and listing of new shares research found: the scale effect of the new shares, in the issuance of more than 2 new shares at the same time, the choice of smaller new stock priority purchase, the probability of obtaining higher purchase income is greater than 67%.  Wanguo pointed out that in March issued and listed in the new shares, there are 7 batch of new shares issued at the same time, the choice of smaller stock priority purchase, the purchase income all ranked first, the probability of achieving higher returns to 100%. "Daily economic news" reporter noted that the March 2 issue of Brother Technology (002562, closing price of 27.09 Yuan), Zhanghua (002564, closing price of 33.19 Yuan) and Sen Horse Apparel (002563, close to 57.15 yuan) 3 new shares, Brother technology issue the smallest size, The first day rose most.  Similarly, with the United States and Asia Cupressaceae (300188, close to 47.19 yuan) in the same batch issued 4 new shares, the unit is also the smallest issue size, and the first day of the shares rose the biggest.  With the above "cheat cheats", investors for today's issue of 3 Gem IPO, online purchase or can find the focus. Data show that the days of information (300205) the purchase price of 40 yuan/share, the total distribution of 19.91 million shares, of which 15.95 million shares on the Internet, the issue of multiples of 66.89 times, the purchase code for "300205", the company is a professional engaged in smart card products and related application system research and development, production,  Sales and service of High-tech enterprises.  Ribon Instrument (300206) The purchase price of 38 yuan/share, the total issue of 25 million shares, of which 20 million shares issued on the Internet, the issuance of P/E for 60.32 times times, the purchase code for "300206", the company is the leading domestic and rapid growth in the global medical electronic equipment suppliers.  Sunwoda (300207) The purchase price of 18.66 yuan/share, the total issue of 47 million shares, of which 37.6 million shares on the Internet, the issue of multiples of 58.94 times times, the purchase code for "300207", the company's main business is lithium-ion battery module development, design, production and sales. Judging from the size of the above three IPOs, the information is of the smallest scale, which can be given priority attention, but it should be cautious about its high IPO price.
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