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In the morning, check out the latest article, the first, Dai: The way the internet trend changes is quo, Zhi Kang brother reviewed his life experience, talk about, we have learned a lot about webmaster things, Zhi Kang also pointed out that when the forum was not ambitious, but only to find a better job, perhaps more responsive to the Chi Kang Brother , low-key life, high-profile attitude to work.

Okay, in the end, I just made a small link, link to my campus time, linked to the graduation thesis is about the legal protection of the network Copyright, (note: The university is the law, but the computer is particularly interested in the combination of the two hastily wrote the graduation thesis, the right to graduate. Recently on the internet wrote a number of articles on search engine optimization, to Baidu and Google search, many sites reprinted my article, a part of the article retained the full picture, more is to replace some content, become their own write or from another site. Then I began to think, why do this, the copyright of the Internet article is not protected?

Web article especially on the SEO article, others reproduced, there is no relationship, most of our original author will not complain about you, the network is originally shared, SEO in China's start far behind the foreign countries, China's seoer should be a lot of exchanges and learning. But, do content website or some elementary seoer, the most basic requirement is to do, is to retain the network of original author of the relevant information, the advantage is that the original creator has a sense of achievement, will continue to write more quality articles, the original creator also has its utilitarian side, the original author is in the sharing of experience at the same time , hope to get more outside the chain and retain the original creator of the relevant information, this is the original authors write the power of the article. It is precisely because many people disregard the point of interest of the original author, do not reproduce the instructions, and even bait, mistaken, the original authors can not chill it. This will lead to a lot of people do not want to write down their own experience, and share with you, seoer no fresh information injection, no proper communication, it is conceivable that the development of domestic search engine optimization will be slow down, which is very unfavorable to our seoer.

Network article Copyright appropriate protection strategy (only related SEO article discussion, other network articles temporarily do not do analysis):

First, the original author in the publication of their own articles should be annotated with original author, article source (starting site), communication and other related information, for the reprint of standby, because the general reprint will not specifically to find this information.

Second, the reprint in the article, should be annotated original author, source (article of the first site), etc., if not a spam site, you can do a link or choose the circumstances to do a friendship link. At the same time, I also give some tips to seoer friends who are not good at writing articles: You can be a number of original articles for appropriate comments, analysis and comments, you can become your own original article, more article writing skills, please refer to my previous article "Blue Branch Network: Website Promotion of soft writing three stages" ( HTTP://WWW.BLUEKI.NET/NEWS.ASP?CLASS_ID=701&DISPLAY_ID=18).

Reproduced in the article is also the affirmation of the original author's article, but also enrich the content of the website of the reprint or related seoer their own blog or post weight, the network article reproduced in relation to the original author and the reprint of the rights of both:

First, the original creator has the right to protect the integrity of the work, but also to share and allow others to reprint the obligation to promote the development of SEO power.

Second, the reprint of the right to reprint, this is also the embodiment of the spirit of network sharing, especially the development of domestic SEO is not very perfect situation, but also should fulfill the protection of the author of the original network article Copyright Sacred Obligation!

OK, write here, and hope that more friends to advise, for the original author and reprint between the interests to find a balance point, the purpose is to provide more protection for domestic SEO original articles, vitalize to promote the domestic SEO industry's rapid and healthy development.

Reprint please indicate (article source: Author: Blue branch network • Supandi Hi Blue Branch network focus on the construction of SME website)

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