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Chen Jingxi: Hello, I am the world's Super Cloud product manager, "Super Warehouse-help build private storage Cloud", cloud everybody knows, cloud computing is very hot, Cang everybody first thought is what? Warehouses, and granaries, and grain. There are rice, put noodles. What kind of stuff is in the warehouse? Not now. I'm going to cook dinner tonight, I'll take the grain out of the warehouse, but I have a lot of reserves. The time to put in the warehouse, including goods, food, including any kind of reserve material is defined by the warehouse.

The Super Warehouse we're going to introduce to you today is also designed and built on the basis of such considerations, focusing on the storage cloud, the storage cloud as the name suggests, to store some of the key business documents of the daily corridor. Cause everyone to think about a topic, what does it mean for us to use electronic documents on a daily basis? In the course of our work and social life, under what circumstances do we produce a large number of electronic documents? What kind of electronic document would he be? In one of the simplest examples, our photographer is taking pictures, and he produces photographs that record the moment of history, an electronic photograph. The minutes of some of the meetings that we have recorded with our clients today are also electronic documents. We offer our clients a proposal for a solution that incorporates the wisdom of many engineers, as well as electronic documents, and even the recordings, records of today's meetings, and the data and forms of a range of businesses are electronic documents. Why do we have to use electronic documents, electronic document carrier many, including the daily corridor of Office Word, Excel, also includes some photos, some media are a large number of production. With the increasing number of multimedia designs, you can generate the data or information or knowledge that you need at any time in the electronic documents you want. Why we use electronic documents, it brings a lot of benefits, such as the electronic document storage is easy, small USB disk storage Thousands of hours of music, hundreds of hours of movies, even the same as the Beijing Library of the content of such a large volume, even more useful things. It can be stored a lot, modified, to copy up, spread also become very convenient, it makes us produce some knowledge of the time, it becomes easier. In the early days we used movable type, each produced a document to be typesetting, today these things become simple.

Another point of view is that the amount of production we have on electronic documents is very large, according to the survey, we have come to the conclusion that in the general daily IT workers, information workers, we have to deal with computers every day, daily work will be exposed to 15 documents, regardless of whether it is a photo or text or something else, Some people will be more, some people will be less, on average we reached a number of 15, every day basically will produce about 13 trillion of data, whether you are in the modification or photos, each person produces 13 trillion data each day, each person about 4GB is the amount of data produced by this person in a year. I once knew an engineer for ten years in the IT business, and his mobile hard drive kept all the technical solutions and technical documents he had produced so far, and that hard drive was about 1 TB, and he spent 10 years.

On such a large scale, why does the data explode so much that it triggers a new trend, and how cheap is it to store the data? A 4GB u disk, equivalent to the storage cost of four yuan per GB, you can take these data street run, may even car costs are more than four yuan. If you save on a hard disk, each GB of data is equivalent to 7 cents, a popsicle will not change. If you are in the cloud storage, anywhere in the world can get data, every gigabyte 5 yuan per year. So many environments, so many ways, can let us store a lot of data. We can imagine that this is a very wide market, a very wide range of applications, but in our enjoyment of this convenient way, we have not had a series of considerations, such as mobile office, although very convenient, you may be anywhere in the mobile, including customers or go out, or Can handle some of the company's things at any time, is not high efficiency and risk coexist. You stored in the media stored in the storage time is not reliable, the day-to-day records of some data, the use of semiconductor chips, the biggest weakness is a touch of static electricity is finished, one is afraid of electricity, one is afraid of magnetism, strong magnetic case easy failure. Has it ever occurred to me that it would result in loss of data, and when your data is being used on a daily basis, it is critical that the data produce a series of replicas, such as where I have not taken the data today, where I will get a copy of the data, and when we save a copy every day, There is no restorative testing, we often say that the computer is broken, the whole computer backup, it can not really recover, you tried? I don't know. And what does it mean to keep a lot of data in the free space of the Internet?

What does it mean to you when you're facing a storage failure? When you have relatives, friends, colleagues on the U disk broken, the computer is broken, the loss of data, you will give him what kind of advice? In this scenario, make a list of the whole problem. This is some of the data we get from surveys around the world. In fact, 25% of the world's information workers in the mobile office, in fact, this volume is very large, this number is still growing, it means that more people actually have a risk inside, 87% of the useful data stored on each person's personal computer, what does it mean? Now you may know from Taobao, Beijing east to see a standard computer two thousand or three thousand yuan, have not a TV expensive, go to Zhongguancun to buy may be cheaper, a netbook 1000 yuan to buy down, have not a mobile phone expensive, above the load of these data, this information you think he to your value how many? About 85% of computers are not backed up, which means that the documents that we work on every day are stored on the hard disk, not a single copy, in addition to the production. One of the world's most famous data disasters, more than 10 years ago, the building fell, and its data was the most risky because it included data, including data backups, that were lost all at that moment.

An enterprise's internal storage device, this mechanism, we have thought a lot, through the Internet survey, we also see this data can actually say a bit bloody, Sina Weibo on a weekly record, search hard disk bad, about 1000, that is, about 1000 people a week said their hard drive broken, photos, Data lost, traffic broadcast on average each month to deal with 43 of search notices, of which 16 were lost computers, mobile hard drive lost, dropped in the taxi. The risk of this series of data, we say we should not think about it some way, think some action. Some people may say that my computer should be safe now. Because I have my own data backup, I can back up to the CD or other media. Now we all use some of the ways, such as we put the whole into several pieces, the key documents, the first file protection, you in order to ensure that your file security, you usually use what means? First, you may buy a large mobile hard drive, copy your key business data daily, and copy it weekly. When your hard copy is full, you said I buy a bigger one, and then copy, with the growth of data, and gradually to replace, and even some companies also said that my company has a file server, the file server has a dedicated room, which has it's people to maintain. Some people also said that my company asked a network administrator, he reminded all the people your computer should be backed up, this is a way.

In file sharing, you pass a document to your co-workers, to your relatives and friends, if I pass this file to you need a better network to pass faster, make the file transmission more reliable, need a better mail system can support in more attachments, I this mail can indeed reach each other, Even we can spend 4 yuan GB cost to buy a U disk, directly sent to you, as well as QQ, MSN a series of software directly transmitted, means very much. And on the mobile device we need to have a variety of device support, a variety of file support, as well as a variety of copies of the consideration. In such a complicated environment, you can imagine that I just keep my files safe, make sure that my files are well shared with my colleagues, and that I get them anytime, and you have to take into account more than 10 of these measures. Think about how perfect and powerful an infrastructure you have to achieve these features and these requirements.
In a situation where we say we can meet these requirements, how many ways do you need to maintain these infrastructure, how many u disk, now everyone is not only a U disk, different time to get the U disk, mobile hard disk is also a lot of e-mail countless, sometimes I can not remember the mail name, password what, Management is a more complex matter, may involve your energy, involved in your costs, will bring more trouble.

I do not know if you have recently paid attention to network security, the latest thing is very powerful, csdn password leakage, we know that the password leakage, the vast number of internet-caused impact is what? Some hackers take the code to your microblog, to QQ, to any login, can be stored on the site to do this attempt, but also include some Alipay bank account to try these passwords in the end, if successful, it means that your information will be threatened.
The threat we have in this area is quite a lot, and we're going to look at the Super warehouse we just mentioned, and we're also trying to solve these three problems, File Protection, file sharing and mobile office, and how we do it in this area.
We first look at File Protection, just as we mentioned as file Protection, you need the fastest speed to sync your files and a copy, it is possible to set an alarm clock every how long, but I hope the best way is what? Whenever someone finds out that my files have changed to a different place, I can rest assured that I have a copy in a safe place.

You see the interface is my very ordinary computer, this folder is set up with our Super Warehouse synchronization of a folder, I can in any case in this folder to create my files, you can choose the folder I now work to synchronize. We'll do a demo here, build a file, as you can see, each file thumbnail has a green flag here, proving that this file has been synchronized with the cloud behind me.

I first create a new file, this word already exists here, I later a program, began to detect this folder changes, just this word is not the mark, now added a green label, which proves that the file has been synchronized to the back of the Cloud warehouse. This new folder I connected to my cloud through a browser, whether it is new or deleted or modified, every change I produce is closely monitored by the cloud storehouse, a change to save a copy, this automated case to help us achieve a very effective file protection. Not only that, but on the basis of File Protection, he can provide us with changes to the entire document at any time. For instance, I might be involved in some temporary work today, maybe I don't have a computer with me, I need to work on a document editing in one place, but I don't want to put that data on someone else's computer, I also click on this document on this browser and choose to edit on this computer. After that, the cloud will help me create a temporary space to download my remote document and open it for editing with this tool. When I finish the whole editorial work, the editor will be uploaded back.

Now that the file is open, let's take a look at the location of my slides, there is a relatively large green ppt, I put this file to do a delete operation, and then I recorded the time of my changes, then the cloud will be my modified version of the local without leaving any copy of the case returned to the cloud, The modified work is done on the cloud. Of course, sometimes when we are in the day-to-day editing of the document, you will think that today's version of the document is wrong, I need to restore, the general I have to overwrite a file without any chance, cloud warehouse can bring me? On the version of the file I just opened, I can call my current file in a previous version of the Ribbon at 3:38, in the 40 minutes before this file I did another edit, and the cloud helps you trace back to the work you've been doing in this document, This helps you to get all your work records together, and any time you have to include the ability to remove, restore, or download your previous document. In this way, we have a very convenient way to make our documents throughout the recovery process. This document is accessed not only on current browsers, but also in a range of smart devices that are now supported.

We can now give you a demo, we now have the Cloud warehouse in addition to supporting the browser version, the PC version, as well as the iphone version, we also support the Android 1.5 version of mobile devices can load cloud warehouse clients. We do an interaction, I give you a picture, he began to upload. People will find that when I upload, not only on the mobile device, including my computer, including my browser, and other smart devices connected to the cloud, you can get copies of these files. In this scenario, make us feel your data and the files you want to access are ubiquitous. Every day when we share documents, we also encounter some scenes, as the media files are growing larger, a document and a solution, a presentation is not a trillion trillion, it is 10 trillion, 20 trillion, or even greater, when we want to share this document with your colleagues, to transfer to each other, The problem is quite challenging. I used to be in a scene where my boss said to send him a plan right away, I'm resting, I'm going to do the first thing is to think about whether I bring a computer home today, if not hurriedly drive to the unit, if you take a computer home is more fortunate, and then to the computer to check the document, and then connect the computer to the home wireless network, Look at home network can connect to the company's server, and then attach this attachment to the mail sent out, and then wait for the mail to send, sometimes the mail is too large to send out, and even sent to the half network suddenly broken, you have to resend. Even large files, you will play a different package, and then you tell the boss how to put these packets together again, this is very painful, especially after the delivery, you still have to wait for the boss in the computer to say that the boss has received the documents confirmed. What do I often do? 10 compressed packets sent nine, the last one did not, the last file the boss did not take big.

Take this scenario for example, let's see how easy it is to share a file on the cloud, and for example, let's take a mobile device and do one of those documents, and when I click on the arrow to the right, there's a shared button on the smart device, and when this button is clicked, My cloud will handle an open link to the file I just wanted to share, it will give me a message, I just send this message by text or any way, send the link to the other side can receive him to download the file, I just need to fill in this location, who with me to do an interaction, Provide me with an email address?

Now the mail is sent out, is a link, let's take a look at how it reacts to Yunchangri after I share it? Cloud Warehouse itself will do a refresh of the work, we can see the other places are red logo, this place added a green label, refers to the cloud warehouse we mentioned just now has been the external sharing of this document, that is, you sent to anyone, As long as there is this link to the cloud through the extranet to download the file. Return to the boss to send a file scene, only need to lie in bed with a mobile phone to send a link to the boss, said you where to download, if you do not connect you need to check your network, a very complex series of work in the cloud on the change is very simple.

Since you can download, the entire control of its permissions is very flexible, to the folder, including file level, can be controlled by the granularity. When we confirm that your colleague has got this file, in addition to downloading this file, we can also see a link to prohibit this presentation, and when I'm sure my colleagues have got the document, I can disable the link to stop the sharing of the file, which will further prevent some data files from leaking out, Everyone used to share folders, you put your local folder after sharing, you can get this file, you find that one day there is a company network many computers are sharing your folder, you may share the file forgot to turn off, it caused this file everywhere, But the biggest disadvantage of sharing a folder is not that you forget to turn it off, the biggest disadvantage is that it will form a network in the network, it will form your connectivity risk, including security risks. This is the biggest hidden danger. The cloud can help you better control the content.

Simply to recap, we have just passed a series of demonstrations, the first, cloud warehouse can be automated in some ways to your local folder or multiple folders automated protection, upload synchronization, including version control. File sharing, you can use a connection to allow your colleagues to naturally download from the cloud. In the mobile field, support a variety of design, and include mainstream files, such as Word, Excel, Powerponit, MP3, MP4, picture preview, you do not need to install any local software, directly on the cloud can see the format of these files. The functions supported by the Cloud warehouse, listed in the location, we found that all of these features on the web is the most, basically these features have a browser can be done, the Cloud warehouse itself is a full redundancy design, we deliver integrated equipment, direct delivery of the entity is a two-machine hot standby situation, Do not consider to provide additional costs to do a standby, and the cloud itself in the technical field, is to support lateral expansion. We currently offer the Cloud Warehouse specification of two 1U rack-type equipment that can support 50 to 100 people with different specs at the same time working online.

Whether from the load or storage capacity, when the customer needs in this respect any growth, also do not need to do machine adjustment, data migration, only need to buy a cloud warehouse, the new cloud warehouse equipment to join, the entire storage capacity, including the load capacity will naturally expand, the entire cloud will automatically allocate new users, New storage capacity deployed to our cloud silos.
In such a scene, the entire deployment structure of a cloud warehouse is equivalent to adding a set of Web servers in an environment that is basically in the DMZ area and can be externally or internally directed by the customer's internal internet or domain name, and the entire environment will not affect any changes to the customer's existing infrastructure. From the security port, the cloud supports the encrypted communication protocol of SSL, and can bind the recognized domain name of the public network through the way of certificate, and guarantee the use of the internal equipment of the customer environment.

At present we provide the Cloud warehouse version, each group of servers support 4TB storage, respectively support 50 and 100 people concurrent different sizes, but also includes stand-alone and dual-machine the entire mechanism provided for different specifications of the customer choice. In this environment, Cloud warehouse for some of our current customers directly bring great benefits. First, from the mobile work, he can completely make our existing high-performance smart devices immediately applied. Some of our current clients, including some of the business and accounting firms, are used in many rich scenarios.
For instance, for example, Tianjin's mixed-loading dock, each employee on duty in Hong Kong, they pass the Yuncang to carry on the barcode scanning to the delivery vehicle, each delivery vehicle comes in through the sentry to take the smartphone directly to take a photograph behind to send up, the backstage system carries on the entire comprehensive business data processing. The firm carries out a comprehensive archive of the entire project data, including a number of conference companies, through which they work in collaboration with the internal and external departments, including the meeting place, the list of participants, the route, the map, the joint office, the more flexible business data and the collaboration of many people, In this field we are in some day-to-day office environment to bring users a lot of convenience. And from security management, its IT structure is relatively simple to do, to the management level, the first concern is to open up user names and passwords to all participating users, and then to receive the entire storage capacity of the threshold, or even add new equipment, will not add a lot of complex knowledge, Some new maintenance work. Our entire cloud warehouse in operation maintenance on the super cloud directly to do, it can provide to the end customer what? Machine replacement, not hard drive bad for a hard drive, we are the whole machine to replace, Cloud Warehouse brings the biggest advantage, inside all the documents are ciphertext, poured out basically is unreadable condition. So the end customer doesn't have to worry about getting me a storage node will take this data out, the risk does not exist.

Throughout the cloud, we also hope that you will participate in the next step in our activities, the first, you can contact your account manager and partner Manager to obtain our new version of the Cloud warehouse account number, now we have a set of equipment deployed in the cloud base network, You can through the extranet to the existing Smart Device desktop computer through the Internet to test the entire experience. In addition, we can request the prototype cloud warehouse, now the Cloud warehouse based on the existing environment to assess the assessment of the sample, in your business environment to test the effectiveness of the cloud warehouse, you can invite your customers to your environment for trial. We will later have some of the Cloud Warehouse roadshow activities, as well as some partners, including the initial knowledge of the Cloud warehouse, pre-sales, including deployment implementation and operation maintenance plan, I hope you can contact our Account Manager to participate in it.

Finally to share a joke, my name is Chen Jingxi, we are not familiar with Edison Chen, Crown Higo was because to repair the computer to leak out the photos, if he has cloud warehouse, his photos will not be so. The content I share is here, thank you.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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