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For several days did not write articles, the recent XI ' an The weather is very not to force, and very cold. To tell the truth, I am afraid of cold, not afraid of heat. A few days ago, I took out my overcoat and wore it, wearing a thick, silly. No more gossip. Yes, there is another thing, is the recent XI ' an SEO Zhu Qifei, in the Seowhy area opened a columnist, the website address is friends can help a busy, talking about this thing, A few days ago promised a friend to help write an article introduced him, today also said it, I think the integrity is very important, here also said, is this, in order to better webmaster exchange links, personal feeling very good, interested friends can go to see. To talk about the link platform, I personally also opened an independent blog Daquan, convenient webmaster return, to make more webmaster blog friends, but also hope that a lot of you to visit.

Okay, so much nonsense, take time to get to the point of today, SEO tutorial sixth: Outside the chain, super outside the chain, soft outside the chain, pictures outside the chain, music chain, outside the chain tools, etc., today is the chain as a topic, if the master of this bad friend, you should look carefully. Well, first of all, what is the outer chain? How to view the chain? What is the effect of the chain? Today we will discuss this topic together. First out of the chain, as a key to optimization of things. Remember some days ago wrote an article called Content for the king, friends chain for friends, the chain for the emperor, the chain for the phase! In this article put a lot of things very clear, so don't say more. How to view the chain? As we all know, recently, Yahoo has stopped querying tools, how to easily see the external chain of competitors and so on, there is no very good tool, but there is no need to worry, through a number of simple statements can be analyzed competitor's website. If you have any problems in this piece, you can communicate with me to discuss, it is best to leave a message, because the comments will have a lot of experts to help you answer. That's the main reason I keep leaving messages open.

Said the view outside the chain, said the importance of the chain, do SEO know, outside the chain is the optimization of the half, its importance is self-evident, but in the end what is the specific relationship? We should be specific analysis of different circumstances, quantity and quality are very different. Many times the quantity cannot cause the quality, but the quality request is relatively high, therefore, the quantitative change is a novice friend very good operation, especially early stage, also cannot do many high quality outside the chain. said the role, the following to analyze the super outside the chain, soft outside the chain, pictures outside the chain, music outside the chain, outside the chain tools these very important things.

First of all, let's talk about super outside the chain, I personally think super outside the chain, general webmaster is not to do, that is, others stressed the single chain, but a lot of people do, Shanhan blog, wordpress template, Lou Teacher's template, Z-blog template, brought a considerable outside the chain, and some very high, The effect is very good, the individual also prefers, very good. Of course this needs to reach a certain height, not anyone can do it. The second is the soft outside the chain, is also difficult, but it should be, through some of their own efforts, is also able to achieve. can go to some good website to contribute, the effect is also good, if the day has 10 success, but also very amazing. Soft text outside the chain to write something relatively is a certain depth of the.

Soft text outside the chain, the next to say music outside the chain, this everyone may hear not too much, but the effect is very good, and overall, is also very effective, now the Internet is open, including Baidu MP3 songs, many people in the song added their own site or link, or recorded songs there are links to this site, that is, music outside the chain, this is difficult to detect, the effect is also want to be good. There is a picture outside the chain, the picture outside the chain, we all know a label, here I do not say, plus hyperlinks to the picture outside the chain is also the effect is very obvious, and can directly bring a lot of traffic, the individual is also very like. In particular, do a better picture, the effect is quite ideal.

Said the general outside the chain construction method, of course, there are black hat operation outside the chain means, that is, outside the chain tool, also some people call outside the chain tool, black hat outside the chain. Of course, the more the more the more the more the better, but use the time to be cautious, if you want such a tool, I also have several, you can give me a message, if we talk very happy, maybe I will send you ah. Oh, of course, there are many methods of construction outside the chain, would have wanted to write more methods, but a look at the time is not early, today to write so much, later will continue to update the relevant articles, we also ask to look forward to.

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